NBA recycles discarded fishing nets for Indian basketball courts

NBA's 'Nets for Change' campaign converts discarded underwater fishing nets into basketball nets for Indian courts. Partnering with Publicis Communications, the project began in a Mumbai school, aiming for wider expansion.

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Nets for change

The NBA announced the launch of 'Nets for Change,' a campaign to repurpose discarded underwater fishing nets at basketball courts in India. Ghost nets contribute to 80% of marine pollution in India, annually depositing more than 5000 tonnes ashore, causing significant harm to marine life and habitats. Through its community program, the National Basketball Association (NBA) has found a way to make an impact both on land and sea. 

The discarded nets, which pose a threat to marine ecosystems, are being repurposed as basketball nets at courts that are missing a fundamental element of the game – a functional net.

In collaboration with Publicis Communications, Middle East and Africa, the pilot project launched at a school in Mumbai with plans to expand to other markets. The league and Publicis are working closely with seaside communities in Mumbai to retrieve abandoned fishing nets, which are then transformed into durable, eco-friendly basketball nets.

“The launch of ‘Nets for Change’ reflects our commitments both to environmental responsibility and growing basketball across India,” said NBA India Head of Marketing Murtuza Madraswala. “Discarded underwater fishing nets pose a significant environmental threat, and through this initiative, we will give these nets a new purpose, so that aspiring players have higher-quality courts where they can come together to play the game.”

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