Tata Tiscon advocates for informed home-building decisions

The 'Samajhdar Banein Bahtar Chunein' campaign features a neighbourhood engineer, encouraging home builders to make informed choices. It also leverages Copilot AI, to create an impression of 21 crore, across OTTs, YouTube and personalised ads on news sites.

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Tata Tiscon

Building a home is a cherished dream for many, but the process often neglects the crucial decision of selecting building materials. People often invest significant time in selecting home designs and interior details, while the choice of building materials is typically delegated to contractors. 

Tata Tiscon, an Indian TMT rebar brand, has addressed this gap with a 360-degree campaign, 'Samajhdar Banein Bahtar Chunein,' emphasizing the quality of its 550SD rebars. Through an engaging set of TVCs featuring a friendly neighbourhood engineer, the campaign encourages home builders to make informed choices.



To amplify the message, Mindshare and GroupM Nexus have orchestrated a digital campaign, for Tata Tiscon, leveraging a Multi DSP Cross Platform with Copilot AI. It allows brands to run their campaigns seamlessly across multiple buying platforms. The benefits include a more holistic audience approach by combining targeting capabilities from various DSPs and third-party data partners.

The programmatic campaign commenced with a Multi-Platform De-Duplicated Unique Reach and Frequency solution across OTT platforms like Zee5, JioCinema and MX Player in India for the brand. 



Using a 20-second non-skip format helped the brand surpassed approximately a 10% higher Completion Rate and Click-Through Rates (CTR). The campaign delivered 1.7 crore overall views across India, showcasing the effectiveness of this innovative approach. 

Furthermore, the Nexus team activated an Artificial Intelligence-powered YouTube Campaign through Copilot reaching 1.4 crore. This AI-driven approach helped optimise the campaign performance with a 12% better View-Through-Rate and a 50%+ efficiency in planned Cost-Per-Views (CPV). 



Tata Tiscon's objective was to drive traffic to their Direct-to-Consumer Page for Aashiyana, an Online Home Building platform. This saw the implementation of a Weather-based Dynamic Data-led Creative strategy. Currently, this API-enabled approach is ensuring the delivery of relevant and personalised ads to consumers across India reaching a 5x lift in CTRs, with weekends recording the highest clicks as the two agencies have been able to deliver weather-relevant ads for sunny, rainy, cloudy and cold weather across targeted geographies. 

This campaign has been integrated with augmented reality and static displays across news sites delivering 6.1 lakh news banner clicks and 4.4 lakh clicks delivered via programmatic. 



The collaboration facilitated an impression of 21 crore, driving website traffic of 11 lakh. 

Looking ahead, the Nexus Programmatic Team has planned a DV360 + Trade Desk campaign for Tata Tiscon. This campaign will leverage second and third Party Audiences combined with Custom Intent Keywords Targeting. Copilot AI will play a pivotal role in managing the campaign seamlessly, demonstrating its prowess through server-to-server integration across both DSPs with budget and optimisation control.

Speaking of the campaign Ashish Anupam, Vice President, Long Products, Tata Steel says, “Tata Tiscon has always strived to enable our customers to have a joyful home building experience. This campaign attempts to guide our customers in making informed choices as they build their dream homes.”

S Karthik Narayanan, Chief of Marketing and Sales, Tata Tiscon,Retail says, “It is unfair to expect individual home-builders to have a thorough understanding of technical specifications required for selection of the right rebar. Hence, it is important for us to guide them in a consumer-centric manner without overloading them with industry-specific terminologies”.

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