WhatsApp reunites the Modern Family cast in its new campaign

The ad promotes WhatsApp to families with a mix of iPhones and Android devices, highlighting its ability to avoid green bubbles and overcome the limitations of Apple's group chat MMS solution.

Hiya Rupreja
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Modern Family

Modern Family truly was one of our favourit-est sitcoms, wasn't it? Its relatable characters and witty jokes kept us glued to our screens. But oh, how it hurt when it ended. Saying goodbye to the Pritchett-Dunphy-Tucker clan felt like saying goodbye to our old friends. But wait, there’s good news! After a four-year hiatus, the clan has reunited back on the Modern Family sets, not to make us laugh, but to tackle a serious issue that’s dividing friends and families all over the world. The battle of the blue and green text bubbles – the Android vs. iPhone texting debate, stemming from messages sent through MMS or SMS to Android users turning iMessage to green bubbles and raising potential image quality concerns.

WhatsApp's latest commercial features the iconic characters from Modern Family, including Ty Burrell, Jesse Tyler Ferguson, Julie Bowen, and Eric Stonestreet reprising their roles as Phil, Mitchell, Claire and Cameron in the ad, bringing back the beloved clan to life. 

Upon its release on Instagram, the initial teaser of the campaign sparked curiosity generating a buzz amongst users. Many questioned whether it hinted at a reunion of the cast after four years, leading to speculations about a potential new season or special event. Users expressed their thoughts with comments like, "Please tell me they didn't only reunite for an advertisement. We need there to be more seasons or at least a movie."

While some fans were thrilled by the reunion, considering it as one of the highlights of 2024, others appreciated the ad campaign itself suggesting that WhatsApp creates more ads featuring the Modern Family cast. However, with the launch of the ad on YouTube, it became clear that the reunion was part of an ad campaign rather than a new instalment of the sitcom, showing that it was all part of the bigger picture. 

In this hilarious WhatsApp ad, the Modern Family cast sits in the familiar Dunphy living room, cracking up over a photo Haley shared in their group chat. However, the mood shifts to awkward silence when Mitchell walks in, revealing he's not part of the chat. Claire explains it's because of his phone’s blurry images — indicating his use of an Android device, unlike the rest of the family’s iPhones. The campaign humorously highlights WhatsApp's ease of use across any phone, perfect for everyone, except maybe Mitchell.

In the second WhatsApp ad, the cast is seen tackling connectivity issues with their kids when a delivery lady suggests using WhatsApp for its device compatibility and privacy features. Now, the entire family joins the group chat - hopefully, even Mitchell, demonstrating how WhatsApp effortlessly connects everyone, regardless of their device. 

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