FCB Kinnect sends HDFC Bank, Lenovo and Tata.ev campaigns to Cannes 2024

The three campaigns sent by FCB Kinnect to Cannes 2024 will compete in various categories, namely the Direct, Entertainment, Social & Influencer and PR Lions categories.

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FCB Kinnect Cannes 2024

This year FCB Kinnect is sending three campaigns for the Cannes Lions 2024 — HDFC Bank - Lulumelon EOSS, Lenovo - Brave New Art and Tata.ev - Perry Powerful Punch. These campaigns are set to compete in various categories. 

HDFC Bank - Lulumelon EOSS

In a bid to combat online financial fraud during festive seasons, HDFC Bank, in collaboration with FCB Kinnect, introduced a campaign featuring India's first fraud awareness influencer, Vigil Aunty. Tackling the challenge of engaging a populace entrenched in optimism bias, the campaign took a creative approach by teaming up with Nora Fatehi to unveil the fictitious brand - Lulumelon.

Through a series of meticulously crafted fake social media pages and advertisements, viewers were led into a revealing experience, shedding light on the modus operandi of fraudsters. The campaign garnered staggering engagement, with 1.4 million individuals falling for Lulumelon's end-of-season sale, while 750 thousand joined the Vigil Army, a WhatsApp community dedicated to combating fraud. 

The campaign will compete in the Direct, PR and Social & Influencer Lions categories. 

Lenovo - Brave New Art

In a bid to revitalise its market share in the creative sphere, Lenovo partnered with FCB Kinnect and Good Fellas Studio to launch ‘Brave New Art’, a reality series celebrating creativity and innovation. Recognising the intrinsic value of the creative process, the campaign brought together artists from diverse backgrounds to showcase the vast potential of Lenovo Yoga laptops.

The series, hosted on India's top OTT platform, Disney+ Hotstar, garnered 40 million views across platforms, coupled with a 9.5 IMDb rating. Notably, Lenovo witnessed an 88% year-on-year increase in sales for Q3.

The campaign will compete in the Entertainment Lions category. 

Tata.ev - Perry Powerful Punch

Tata.ev, in collaboration with FCB Kinnect, seized upon a moment of accidental brilliance to redefine marketing narratives. When Australian cricketer Ellyse Perry shattered the window of a Punch.ev display car during the TATA Women’s Premier League, it sparked a marketing strategy.

Dubbed the 'PerryPowerfulPunch,' the campaign encapsulated the spirit of empowerment and resilience, culminating in a specially crafted award presented to Perry.

The swift execution of the idea garnered widespread attention, with the news reaching over 18.22 million people organically and earning ₹2.3 million in media coverage. 

The campaign will compete in the PR Lions category. 


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