A trip down memory lane with Cadbury’s #Yoursfor200Years Campaign

To mark its 200th birthday, Cadbury revisited the classic "Mum's birthday ad" taking us on a sweet journey from childhood wrappers to today's sleek designs - a heartwarming trip through our Cadbury memories.

Hiya Rupreja
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In honour of turning 200, Cadbury took a trip down memory lane with one of its famous ads, "Mum's Birthday." Back in 2018, the ad featured a sweet tale of a little girl buying a Cadbury Dairy Milk bar for her hardworking mom's birthday. What made it adorable? The girl paid with small trinkets like buttons and plastic rings, and the store happily accepted them.

In the latest ad comeback, the OG crew and director Frederic Planchon, made a triumphant return. This revamped ad takes us on a wild ride through time, starting way back in 1842 and landing us in the unforgettable 2018 version. 


But here’s the cool part -- it’s not your typical history lesson. The ad throws in some visuals from different eras, like old-school phone boxes and snappy headlines from back in the day. It's a journey that swings through time, from classic vibes to the 70’s all tied together just by the shopkeeper's standout collar. 

The ad doesn't just stop at storytelling; it's like a visual time capsule of Cadbury's packaging, branding and design evolution! Through the showcase of their iconic designs, the ad resonates with each of us, transporting us through our own timelines. 

From the familiar wrappers that fueled our childhood sweet tooth to the sleek designs we unwrap today, this ad takes us on an emotional journey through our shared Cadbury timelines.

It's more than just chocolate, it's a delightful journey through our lives, it’s Cadbury. 

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