Case Study: How Bold Care’s ad ft. Ranveer Singh humorously talked about men’s sexual health and wellness, gaining 50M+ plays

This case study explores how Bold Care’s campaign ft. Ranveer Singh and Johnny Sins used parody as the main theme to talk about men's sexual health and wellness garnering 50M+ plays and more.

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Bold Care’s ad

Bold Care launched a campaign featuring Ranveer Singh on social media handles to bring forth a conversation around destigmatising men’s sexual health and wellness in India. The campaign used a clever writing style of parody to grab the audience’s attention in a quirky manner and convey the right message. 

The ads were written by Tanmay Bhat, Devaiah Bopanna, and their team. It was directed by Ayappa KM and produced by Earlyman Films. 

Brand Introduction

Bold Care, a sexual health and wellness brand offers solutions for the modern man who wants to get more out of life. Bollywood Actor Ranveer Singh, the face and Co-Founder of the company, supports Bold Care, adding star power and trust to its reputation. 

The brand was founded by Rajat Jadhav, Rahul Krishnan, and Mohit Yadav, who noticed a stigma around men's sexual health. With insight from their earlier e-pharma venture, they saw a need for organized, private, and quality sexual wellness products in India as the demand came from not just Tier 1, but also Tier 2 & Tier 3 cities. 


To maximize impact and engagement, the campaign aimed to improve reach and awareness within the targeted target group and start a dialogue on de-stigmatizing men's sexual health and wellness in India focusing on the Extend product range offered by Bold Care. 


The #TakeBoldCareOfHer campaign consisted of two ad films which followed the writing style of parody to gain maximum exposure while delivering the right message. Both the ad films featured Ranveer Singh with a focus on Bold Care’s Extend product range. The first film was created in a TV serial parody setup and the second film was based on a teleshopping parody. 

Creative Idea

Aligned with the idea of addressing the key problem areas of men’s sexual health, the campaign focused on their product category namely “The Extend Range”. The strategic decision to leverage Ranveer Singh in the ad campaign hits the exact target audience. The identity of the partner and co-founder, Ranveer Singh aligns seamlessly with that of the brand’s image, perfectly portraying the essence of men’s sexual health issues. All the while providing a solution that caters to all the problems. Ultimately the campaign strived to establish Bold Care as a first-mover in this space, primarily for the 25-40 age range across cities.


The #TakeBoldCareOfHer campaign consisted of two ad films featuring Ranveer Singh and Johnny Sins. The video was initially released on Ranveer Singh’s social media channels in collaboration with Bold Care’s social media channels. 

Both the videos were written in parody styles. The first one was a parody of a typical Indian TV drama. The second ad was a parody of a telemarketing ad. 

Both the ads skillfully tackled the issue at hand, normalising it through hilarious sequences, and presents a scientifically proven solution. Written by Tanmay Bhat, Devaiah Bopanna, and their team, the ad is directed by Ayappa KM. 


  • The brand’s website traffic witnessed a jump of approximately 470% in the first week and, later on, stabilised with a 250% growth in March 2024.
  • With the second ad, the traffic jumped to a 350% growth rate.
  • In comparison to the pre-campaign season, the brand saw a 260% increase across its website.
  • Overall the campaign had over 50 mn+ plays across social channels. 
  • With an average watch time of 58 seconds (for a 1.5-minute video), it was saved 80K+ times by users pan-India.  

Rajat Jadhav, Co-Founder & CEO, of Bold Care said, “With #TakeBoldCareOfHer, our aim was to address the stigma surrounding men’s sexual health in India. Our goal has always been to be the category creators in this space, initiating open conversations and providing science-backed solutions for men to overcome their sexual health issues. The phenomenal response to our first ad film and Ranveer’s outstanding performance reaffirmed our decision to tackle this often-ignored subject. We were thrilled by the widespread acceptance and love our first ad film received and were even more excited to return with another ad that blends comedy with awareness to further the dialogue on men’s sexual health”

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