LehLah teams up with Animeta for its creator-led shopping app

Animeta Brandstar's ‘AI-Powered Recommendations’ aims to power up LehLah's pursuit of integrating the influence of creators with social commerce.

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LehLah teams up with Animeta

Social media audiences, especially the GenZ, have embraced social commerce as a natural extension of their online experiences. As using mobile for making online purchases and payments becomes increasingly common, the entry of commerce in social media content is highly evident. But the most important phenomenon amidst this has been the rise in the role of content creators - who are now able to leverage their content and influence with their online communities, to not only drive awareness or consideration for a sale, but the sale itself. And - have a direct share in the earnings.

LehLah is a new creator-guided shopping app in the fashion and beauty space, that taps into this exact opportunity. Users come to discover looks and outfits showcased by credible fashion influencers. They can then go on to buy things directly from the respective stores, by simply tapping on their posts.

The app’s marketplace is connected with several brand stores available online, giving creators a wide range of products to select from, to endorse. To ensure success for this new model of online discovery and shopping, it was critical for the app to onboard the most apt creators, recognisable for their fashion sense and ability to drive ‘intent to buy’. And that is where they found synergies with Animeta, Asia’s creator-tech company, to act as its creator selection and onboarding partner. 

Ashna Ruia, Founder, LehLah commented, “Fashion is a timeless and ever-evolving canvas for expressing individual identity. Social media stars have become icons for their followers, influencing the next wave of fashion and style driven by hyper-personalization. LehLah functions on this very idea. In our quest for partners who align seamlessly with our vision, Animeta emerged as the perfect collaborator to bring on board creators who truly fit the bill. As the landscape of social commerce prepares for a significant surge, our focus is on cultivating enduring partnerships that foster collective growth for brands and creators alike.”

Devdatta Potnis, CEO, Animeta said, “Industry estimates project that global social commerce is poised to reach US$ 1.2 trillion by 2025, with significant momentum observed in key markets such as the US, China, and Southeast Asia. However, it is India that is anticipated to be the driving force behind this remarkable growth in the years to come. LehLah is our very first partner on this journey, and their approach perfectly fits our goal of finding fresh monetization avenues for creators. Animeta is stepping into a new era where technology and commerce come together to open up amazing opportunities for creators”. 

Close to 50 creators, already onboarded on the platform are actively sharing content and earning a share of (up to 20%) of the revenue generated. On Instagram, they are utilising a combination of Stories, Reels, and direct-messaging tools, to harness the connect with their existing audience to the maximum, and effectively drive increased visibility and traffic to their profiles on LehLah. On LehLah, they can set up their personalized shop-fronts, allowing them to showcase their expertise, connect with their audience, and facilitate transactions, creating a comprehensive and engaging shopping experience for users. 

Beyond onboarding creators for the platform, Animeta is also helping LehLah to create community partnerships and collab moments. First of which, was a dance-collab on its brand’s anthem, with Bangalore-based dance-ensemble called ‘The Vixens Crew’. 


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