LS Digital unveils new organizational structure

As part of the new structure, the expertise of LS Digital, Langoor, f1studioz, and Social Panga together form a cohesive group delivering streamlined solutions by fostering collaboration for partners in India and globally.

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LS Digital has unveiled a new organizational structure designed to accelerate its global ambitions and forge a disruptive digital ecosystem to propel its clients' businesses forward. This strategic overhaul aims to leverage digital technologies as a catalyst for building cohesive, future-ready business transformation strategies, embodying the company’s commitment to shaping the future with its guiding mantra, #ChallengeTheNow.

This strategic initiative brings together the expertise of LS Digital, Langoor, f1studioz, and Social Panga, forming a cohesive group that delivers streamlined solutions and fosters collaboration for partners in India and globally. Along with Prasad, the founders of each company Venu and Girisha from Langoor, Gaurav and Himanshu from Social Panga, Santosh and Dhayan from f1studioz, have taken centre stage as co-founders of the group, each driving efficiencies and achieving great outcomes in their respective group roles. With each of them designated as co-founders of the group, it highlights the power of ONE. 

The key structural changes include the following: 

Rupak Ved will drive the growth initiatives across the Group as Chief Business Officer (CBO), supported by:  

  • Anuraj Gupta, Executive Vice President – Growth, India and MEA, will lead growth for India & MEA for the entire group.
  • Sudhindra CN, Executive Vice President - Growth & Strategy, will lead the strategy for growth across the group.
  • Pawan Wankhede, Managing Director, UK, will be responsible for building our presence in UK & Europe. 

Additionally, Venugopal Ganganna will take over the role as Co-founder; Chief Innovation Officer for the group in addition to his current responsibilities of mentoring the leadership team at Langoor Digital. 

Moving further, Anand Bhadkamkar, Chief Finance Officer (CFO) will take on the additional responsibility as Chief Operations Officer (COO), supported by: 

  • Girisha Gowda, Co-founder; Chief Operational Excellence Officer (COEO) in addition to his current responsibilities at Langoor; Girisha will drive operational excellence, across LS Digital group.
  • Anshuman Misra, Chief People Officer (CPO); will lead the HR function at the group; driving strategic people goals.
  • Shantanu Bhattacharya, Executive Vice President, Integrated Digital Solutions (IDS); will lead Integrated Digital Solutions team, helping group clients build & execute DBT strategy to drive business growth, customer experiences, and digital ROI.
  • Hrishikesh Karve, Executive Vice President (EVP) – Finance, overseeing group finance function, in addition to his current responsibilities of overseeing legal, IT and admin functions at LS Digital. 

The 6 verticals of the DBT framework, and will be delivered through the following business units: 

1) Creative:

  • Creative: Led by Himanshu Arora as Co-founder; Chief Executive Officer – Creative. 
  • Creative: Led by Gaurav Arora as Co-founder; Chief Creative Officer & Chief Operations Officer – Creative.
  • LS Creative: Led by Manesh Swamy as Managing Director & Chief Creative Officer – LS Creative.

2) CX:

  • CX: Led by Saurabh Das as Chief Executive Officer – CX.  

3) Data & Insights:

  • Data & Insights: Led by Vinay Tamboli as Chief Executive Officer - Data & Insights.  

4) Media:

  • Media: Led by Maanesh Vasudeo as Chief Executive Officer – Media. 

5) Tech and Innovation:

  • Tech and Innovation: Led by R. Sridhar as Chief Executive Officer – Tech & Innovation.

6) UI / UX:

  • UI / UX: Led by Santosh Shukla as Co-founder; Chief Executive Officer – UI / UX.
  • UI / UX Design: Led by Dhayan Kumar as Co-founder; Chief Design Officer – UI / UX.

Speaking about this transformation and considering recent expansions, Prasad Shejale, Founder and CEO of LS Digital, stated, “We are excited to introduce a new organizational structure for the LS Digital group, aimed at enhancing our efficiency and fostering better teamwork. This structure is built on our 6-pillar DBT framework, leading to the formation of seven unique Business Units (BUs), each focusing on a crucial aspect of our business.”

Additionally, commenting on the team structure, Prasad further added, “Our new organizational structure focuses on six verticals of Excellence, supported by Growth and Enablingfunctions. This structure will drive our strategic initiatives, support our growth objectives, and ensure seamless integration across the group. Moreover, our individual skills and entrepreneurial passion are utilised at the group level, fostering integration and collaboration.” This streamlined approach fosters better collaboration, eliminates inefficiencies, and empowers teams at LS Digital to innovate and achieve exceptional results.

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