UnFoldMart wins integrated mandate for Utopia Choice

UnFoldMart will oversee Utopia Choice’s social media strategy, digital communication, and influencer marketing. The mandate also includes a partnership with Prohed, which will put its efforts into enhancing the brand's online visibility and searchability.

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UnFoldMart, a full-service advertising agency in Gurugram, has secured the integrated mandate for Utopia Choice, the brand specialising in eco-friendly wooden kitchen accessories. This mandate, which includes social media strategy, digital communication and influencer marketing, is significant for the agency.

It will oversee the brand's social media strategy, digital communication, and influencer marketing. The agency's approach and creativity are expected to elevate the brand's presence and engage with its audience meaningfully.

“Earning the mandate for Utopia Choice is a notable achievement for our UnFoldMart team. We are equipped and eager to inject new dynamism into Utopia Choice’s digital identity, spotlighting their commitment to sustainability and superior quality. We eagerly await a productive partnership that will foster growth and effectively engage with the brand’s audience," expressed the Founder at UnFoldMart, Abhishek Garg.

The mandate includes a strategic partnership with Prohed, a firm specialising in performance marketing and SEO. Prohed, led by its founder, Pulkit Dubey, will put its efforts into enhancing Utopia Choice’s online visibility and searchability.

“The collaboration between UnFoldMart’s creative vision and Prohed’s technical expertise represents a robust combination for Utopia Choice,” stated Pulkit Dubey. “Our focus will be on leveraging cutting-edge SEO and performance marketing strategies to ensure Utopia Choice stands out in a competitive digital landscape.”

“Cementing a major milestone in our digital evolution, our collaboration with UnFoldMart and Prohed aligns seamlessly with our objective to deepen customer relationships and extend our market footprint," stated Bhakti, the Founder of Utopia Choice.

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