Zoo Media and DCMN partner to streamline marketing

As part of this partnership, Zoo Media and DCMN aim to offer streamlined solutions, ensuring that brand messaging remains consistent and impactful across all channels.

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In a strategic move within the Indian marketing industry, Zoo Media and DCMN are partnering to deliver seamless, integrated marketing solutions, combining offline and digital strengths to drive business growth.

Here’s a look at their joint vision and its impact on the Indian market:

Solving Strategy Gaps for Indian Brands

Brands often face the challenge of maintaining a unified narrative while managing multiple agencies. One of the primary motivations behind this partnership is the need for a consistent and cohesive marketing strategy that spans both offline and online platforms. 

This partnership offers a streamlined solution, ensuring that brand messaging remains consistent and impactful across all channels.

“Traditional and digital marketing have often operated in silos, and our partnership with DCMN is set to change that. By integrating the widespread reach of television with the efficacy of digital platforms, we are in a unique position to challenge mainline agencies and offer brands a cohesive and comprehensive marketing strategy,” emphasized Suveer Bajaj, Co-Founder of Zoo Media Network. “I am confident that this strategic approach will drive significant results and set a new standard in the Indian marketing landscape.”

Leveraging Advanced Technology for Indian Brands

DCMN’s proprietary technology, featuring advanced tools for measuring the impact of offline campaigns at a CPX level, media buying, campaign optimization, and real-time reporting, will now be accessible to Zoo Media’s extensive client base across the Indian subcontinent.

‘We are quite excited about our partnership with Zoo Media,’ stated Bindu Balakrishnan, Country Head India at DCMN. ‘After 8 years of operations in India, mainly focussed on Offline media, we are looking at expanding our capabilities and offerings.  In Zoo, we have found a partner that shares our DNA and core values. Combining Zoo's immense experience and specialized tools in digital marketing with DCMN's data-driven approach, experience and advanced tracking tools for offline media, we form a powerful team. Together, we can devise cohesive strategies that help brands scale to the next level in a transparent, ROI-driven way.’

This technological advantage will provide Indian brands with unparalleled access to advanced marketing tools, enhancing the efficiency and effectiveness of their campaigns.

A Unified Solution for Complex Marketing Challenges

In an era where marketing is becoming increasingly complex, this partnership stands as a symbol of simplicity and efficiency. Brands no longer need to juggle multiple agencies and points of contact. Instead, they can rely on this unified powerhouse to solve their complex marketing problems with a cohesive strategy and execution plan.

Synergy and Shared Expertise

The teams at Zoo Media and DCMN share a synergy, bringing together a wealth of experience and a deep understanding of the market dynamics. Their combined expertise will enable clients to receive service and strategic insight.

Talking about the partnership, Suveer says, “Zoo's global growth objective is to expand into North America, Europe, The Middle East and South East Asia; and this partnership is aligned with our goals. By establishing a strategic presence in Europe, we're laying the groundwork for broader expansion.  I firmly believe that the success of this collaboration will lay the groundwork for future alliances across the globe.”

This strategic alliance between Zoo Media and DCMN is set to offer a comprehensive, unified solution that bridges the gap between offline and online marketing. 


Zoo Media Network. Suveer Bajaj DCMN