Meta and Amazon collaborate to bring a new shopping feature to Facebook and Instagram

Users can now link their Facebook and Instagram accounts to their Amazon accounts and shop on Meta platforms with Amazon’s checkout details saved.

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Meta has launched a new shopping feature on Facebook and Instagram that links user accounts to Amazon accounts. Users can shop on Facebook and Instagram accounts directly with the checkout details from their Amazon accounts linked. 

The new feature will let users shop for Amazon products or independent sellers retailing from Amazon on Meta apps.


Users can link their Amazon account to their Facebook or Instagram account and then shop for items through the ad itself without having to leave the app. The default shipping address and payment information from Amazon will be used to complete the buying process.

A Meta and Google Ads partner, and co-CEO of Disruptive Digital, Maurice Rahmey explained the deal on the LinkedIn post. He explained how this partnership will let users complete the purchase much quicker while bringing traction from the Meta apps to Amazon.

He revealed how the ad would help Meta tailor ads better by “ad's messaging and product page based on whether a user is a Prime member or not and alter additional information such as real-time pricing and shipping estimates.”

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