OpenAI launches new ChatGPT version for enterprises and businesses

OpenAI's new ChatGPT version will provide multiple features like faster responses, better data security, unlimited access to GPT-4, and stronger data analysis to attract enterprises and businesses.

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ChatGPT new version

OpenAI has launched a new ChatGPT version for enterprises. This is launched as more and more companies are using AI and data security is in big demand.

OpenAI has explained this launch and details in a blog post. This update will enable enterprises to faster responses, better data security, unlimited access to GPT-4, and stronger data analysis. Enterprises can ask complicated questions as prompts and get better answers.

ChatGPT enterprise version will include unlimited access to advanced data analysis, previously known as Code Interpreter. This feature will enable both technical and non-technical teams to analyze information in seconds, whether it's for financial researchers crunching market data, marketers analyzing survey results, or data scientists debugging an ETL script', the blog said.

AI is used a lot in businesses but data and privacy are still a big concern. Companies fear that their data will be used to train ChatGPT or that sensitive data regarding customers might be breached. This version will provide companies with complete autonomy over their data and GPT will not record data to train itself. 

Future versions will allow businesses to customize GPT’s knowledge base on their company and more analytical tools, and diverse pricing according to team size will be provided. Companies can keep using the original version or switch to the enterprise version for benefits.

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