Pinterest tests a Shuffles-like feature; updates ad experience

Pinterest ad experience gets an update including 'Showcase ads’ and Quiz ads’.

Social Samosa
Sep 15, 2023 13:36 IST
Pinterest Updates

Pinterest Shuffles was a big hit amongst the Gen Z population in making inspiration boards. Gen-Z is the biggest user group on the platform. Users can make collages of cropped-out images they like. With the new feature users can cut out images and build interactive collages of favorite products and other visual content they enjoy. Users could build their own collages with Pinterest’s library or by clicking their own pictures on the Shuffles, this update seems to be inspired by that. Users could cut out objects from the photos they like.

The new feature relies on the shopping aspect of the Shuffles, where objects could be tapped and bought in these collages. Shuffles had a commercial element but wasn't heavily focused on that. Brands could get in on the action as well, by uploading their catalogs and the products can be used by users to make collages. 

Pinterest has added more tools to its Business department with more dashboards and audience-sharing features. Creative Studio is an update with which brands can form lifestyle imagery for Pins by adding their Pin link and then choosing from a set of generated custom background images.

Pinterest has added features to its ad experience as- ‘Showcase ads’ and Quiz ads’. Showcase ads would let users swipe through branded images while Quiz ads would be an interactive experience by ads asking up to three questions to the users. These are now launched in the U.S., U.K., Canada, Germany, France, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Brazil, Mexico, Italy, Spain, Switzerland, Denmark, Sweden, Finland and the Netherlands.

Pinterest seems to heavily focus on the shopping aspect of the platform and CEO Bill Ready noted that engagement with shoppable content was up 50% year-over-year and now more than half of Pinterest’s users are there to shop.

“In the past, you could easily window shop on Pinterest, but the actionability wasn’t clear. It’s like all the stores were closed. Now, we’re opening the stores. We’re making everything shoppable. That’s every image and every video. Shopping is now seamlessly integrated across all our core surfaces,” said Ready in a press statement. 

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