Pinterest to make search results more inclusive with new AI technology

The Pinterest search results powered by new AI body type technology will use shape, size, and form to identify various body types in over five billion images on the platform.

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Pinterest search results

Pinterest search results are set to become more inclusive as the platform is rolling out new AI body type technology that can identify various body types among the billions of images across its platform. The technology uses shape, size, and form to identify various body types. 

The platform is using body type technology, along with previously introduced skin tone technology, to influence the way its algorithms enhance inclusivity in women's fashion and wedding-related content across related feeds and search results. With these inclusive AI initiatives, it is aiming to contribute to creating a more welcoming online environment on the platform, where individuals from all backgrounds can find content that resonates with them. 

Motivated by user actions and the significant societal discourse on body representation, Pinterest's Product Team collaborated with internal and external experts to create a body-type technology.

By gaining a deeper comprehension of visual content through computer vision technology, the platform has adjusted its algorithms to enhance the representation of various body types and skin tones in search results and related Pins. For example, when a user searches for ideas for a date night outfit, they will encounter results that encompass a diverse range of body types and skin tones.

It is estimated that Pinterest will improve the representation of different bodies by 454% on women’s fashion-related searches in the U.S.

Commenting on the same, Sabrina Ellis, Pinterest’s Chief Product Officer said, "At Pinterest, we believe that inspiration begins with inclusion. That’s why we continue to develop inclusive product experiences that make it easier to find the best ideas that feel made for you. With the powerful addition of our new body type technology to our suite of inclusive AI efforts, we have improved representation of different body types on the platform by 5x across women’s fashion-related searches in the US.”

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