Pinterest now lets users share boards as videos on Instagram

With improved board sharing, users can now share their personal reflections on a broader scale, aligning with Pinterest's focus on attracting younger audiences to maximize growth potential.

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Pinterest boards on Instagram

Pinterest has introduced an improved way to raise awareness of your Pin presence through improved board sharing, making it easier to share your Pinterest collections across other social apps like Instagram and TikTok.

Pinterest board sharing

As demonstrated in this sequence, Pinterest's enhanced board sharing offers a more visually appealing method to promote your Pin collections across different platforms and formats.

The process is straightforward: You choose a public board to share, tap on the 'share' icon in the top right, and select a template for your board to be displayed. You can then share that board overview as a story, with an animated depiction of your chosen elements. This includes a 'Curated on Pinterest' marker, which acts like a watermark. While this marker could harm your distribution in some formats, like Reels, which downrank videos with watermarks, it’s not aimed specifically at Reels but more towards stories and re-sharing your Pins through that format. The Pinterest marker does disappear, making it less intrusive.

This feature could serve as an effective way to share your Pin collections and interests on the app with Pinterest particularly aiming to attract younger users with this update. According to Pinterest, users, especially those from Gen Z, regard their boards as personal sanctuaries where they can envision their world and showcase their unique personalities and aesthetics. For these users, Pinterest is more than just a platform; it acts as a space for self-discovery and expression, allowing them to shape their identities on their own terms. This connection to introspection has driven an increase in the number of boards created by Gen Z users over the past year, surpassing other generations.

Pinterest says that Gen Z users aim to 'develop their preferred aesthetic' on the app, and this new feature will ideally enable these users to share their personal reflections on a broader scale.

"Gen Z makes up over 40% of our global monthly users on Pinterest and are our most engaged generation, with a significant increase in the number of boards created by Gen Z Pinners compared to last year. We are enhancing the board features based on user feedback and, this year, board sharing is one of our critical investments as users value the ability to share their creative processes on different platforms and find inspiration from others," comments Rachel Hardy, Director of Consumer Product Marketing at Pinterest.

With Pinterest increasingly focusing on attracting younger users to maximize its growth potential, along with its 500 million monthly active users, many users will likely be interested in trying out this feature.

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