Snapchat rolls out new features to help users personalise their accounts

With the launch of these features, Snapchat aims to allow users to customise their app, providing access to the most technologically advanced features for Snapchat+ users.

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Snapchat has introduced a new set of features aimed at enhancing the personalisation of member accounts under its subscription model, Snapchat+. Some of these features include:

  • Helping users design personalized houses on Snap Map, which can be visible to them as well as friends with whom they share their location on the platform. The customization options availble for this feature are virtually limitless, catering to both realistic architectural styles and whimsical designs, such as a candy castle.

  • Furthermore, the second feature enables users to have a virtual pet accompany them not only on Snap Map but also within their chats.

  • Additionally, users can also send lightning-quick Snaps to friends or post to the user's Story with new expiration options that last 0.10, 0.25, and 0.50 seconds.

Moving further, Snapchat has new features available for the entire community:

  • Users can now check themselves out with the new live 'mirror' in the Bitmoji Builder to help select features that look most like the user.
  • Additionally, users can also have access to the latest AI-powered lenses, such as 'My 5-Year-Old Self', that helps sending them back in time.

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