Snapchat rolls out new safety features to protect teens and enhance in-app experience

The new safety tools include improved blocking capabilities, simplified location-sharing, enhanced friending protections, and expanded in-chat warnings.

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Snapchat has unveiled a suite of new safety features aimed at a safe and positive in-app experience. These features are designed to strengthen the platform's focus on real friend relationships and protect teens and the broader community from online harms.

Snapchat's new safety tools include improved blocking capabilities, simplified location-sharing, enhanced friending protections, and expanded in-chat warnings. These tools are part of Snapchat’s ongoing efforts to make it harder for strangers to contact users.

To launch an essential dialogue on teen online safety, Snapchat hosted a panel discussion featuring notable figures such as celebrity parents Tisca Chopra and Maria Goretti, actor and Snap Star Nitanshi Goel, Aparajita Bharti, Co-Founder of Young Leaders for Active Citizenship (YLAC), and Uthara Ganesh, Head of Public Policy at Snap. The panel addressed critical issues including digital literacy, utilising online resources effectively, and fostering open communication with teenagers at home.

Key features introduced:

Blocking improvements: To combat bullying and repeat harassment, Snapchat has enhanced its blocking tools. Now, blocking a user will also block new friend requests from other accounts created on the same device, reducing the risk of continued contact from blocked individuals.

Simplified location-sharing and additional reminders: Snapchatters, including teens, receive regular reminders to check their security and privacy settings. The new update introduces more frequent reminders about location-sharing settings and simplifies the process for users to customise which friends can see their location on the Snap Map.


Enhanced friending protections: Snapchat has added new safeguards to make it harder for strangers to find and add teens. Friend requests from users without mutual connections or from those with a history of accessing Snapchat in locations associated with scamming will be blocked. This feature is available in select countries and will soon be localised for India.

Expanded in-app warnings: Snapchat is expanding its in-app warning system to include advanced signals. Teens will now receive warnings if they get messages from users who have been blocked or reported by others, or from regions outside their typical network locations, indicating potential scammers. This feature will be available in the US, UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, the Nordics, and parts of Europe.

Uthara Ganesh, Head of Public Policy-South Asia, Snap Inc. added, “Snapchat has always been a unique space where you can truly be yourself and connect with your real friends. Young people across India love spending time on our platform, and we are dedicated to making it a safe and positive place for everyone, especially teens. Our newest safety features are all about supporting genuine friendships, empowering teens to make smart choices, and ensuring that every Snapchatter feels secure and confident while using our app." 

Further commenting on Snapchat’s safety features, Tisca Chopra, Actor, Author & Celebrity Mom, said, “With teenagers spending so much time online, ensuring a safe digital environment is crucial today. I make it a point to stay informed about my daughter’s digital activities without being too intrusive. I appreciate Snapchat's focus on safety through its platform design, demonstrating a commitment to protecting young users. By fostering a secure space, Snapchat helps our teenagers interact with confidence and peace of mind. This thoughtful approach also encourages open conversations between parents and their teenagers about responsible digital behavior, essential for navigating the digital landscape safely.”

Maria Goretti, Actor, TV Host & Celebrity Mom, added, “Our teens are at a sensitive age, and it’s important for us as parents to understand their digital lives while ensuring they know their boundaries. My teenagers use Snapchat regularly, and it’s comforting to know they are in a safe environment. Snapchat’s proactive stance on user safety reassures me that my teens can connect with their real friends in a positive space. Their genuine commitment to protecting users is something every parent can appreciate.”

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