WhatsApp introduces new 'search by date' feature to find old messages

Meta's latest WhatsApp update streamlines message retrieval by introducing a date-based search feature for Android, iPhone, WhatsApp Web, as well as desktop users.

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WhatsApp search by date feature

Meta has introduced a new feature on WhatsApp, making it easier to search for past messages. With the most recent update, users may now use the date option to search for a certain message or piece of media on WhatsApp. This eliminates the need for users to navigate around the chat window to find a message from a certain event.

The new feature is being gradually released to Android and iPhone users, with WhatsApp web and desktop users also gaining access. Mark Zuckerberg, Meta's CEO, has communicated this update through his WhatsApp channel.

To find a WhatsApp message from a particular date, navigate to the group or conversation, click on the member's name, and choose "search." The calendar icon is located in the upper right corner of Android phones, but it is located in the lower right corner of iPhones.

Here's an example of the same : 




When you click on the calendar icon and choose a date, WhatsApp will take you directly to the messages from that particular day. For people who have been using WhatsApp for years, in particular, this makes it simple to go through previous communications.

Over the last several months, WhatsApp has added a ton of new features. Bold, italic, strikethrough, monospace, and other text formatting choices were recently added. WhatsApp is a safe platform because it has also added a number of security-focused features. Please be aware that if you use WhatsApp on an Android device, you can no longer backup your conversations for free on Google Drive because WhatsApp chats are now counted against your storage quota.

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