X to expand Grok AI Chatbot's capabilities across platform

After expanding Grok’s availability to all paying users and integrating it into 'Trending Topics' listings, X is now exploring additional integrations to amplify Grok's accessibility.

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X is ramping up efforts to leverage its Grok chatbot across various fronts, aiming to enhance its AI capabilities. After expanding Grok’s availability to all paying users within the app and integrating it into 'Trending Topics' listings, the platform is now exploring additional integrations. These efforts aim to make Grok readily accessible in-stream, ensuring it's just a tap away.

For instance, according to findings by researcher Nima Owji, X is planning to introduce a new Grok analysis feature directly on user profiles. This enhancement will allow users to gather more information about any account seamlessly within their stream.

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Grok's profile analysis offers a concise overview of a profile's activity duration, follower count, typical posting topics, and other relevant details. It's designed as a quick summary rather than a deep performance analysis, aimed at aiding users in deciding whether to follow a profile. However, it also serves to uncover potential bot or provocative accounts.

For instance, if you receive a hostile response to your post and find that the account has only been active for a short time, it may not warrant further engagement. This feature can also reveal political leanings and other biases, providing additional context that helps explain such interactions.

Implementing this could potentially reduce tension in your interactions within the X platform. Furthermore, the platform plans to introduce a Grok analysis option for specific keywords in any post.      

Grok updates

It aims to increase the accessibility of Grok across all aspects of platform usage.

Grok updates


Currently, Grok's availability is limited to X Premium subscribers, which has not yet positioned it prominently in the broader AI landscape. However, Musk believes that Grok could serve as a compelling incentive for more users to pay for the app. By integrating it in more ways and utilising its summaries as a substitute for traditional media, Musk sees this as pivotal for boosting X's usage and engagement.

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