X to consider rolling out free trials for its premium users

Although X initially aimed at ensuring only genuine paying users were recognized, introducing free trials allows potential subscribers to test X Premium, including its Grok AI chatbot, prior to making their purchase.

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X is set to bring about more X Premium subscribers by introducing a free trial, allowing users to experience its add-on features before committing to payment.

Recent code updates spotted by X Updates Radar suggest preparations for the 'free trial' period, although details on its duration are still forthcoming. This move would enable potential subscribers to test X Premium, including features like its Grok AI chatbot, prior to making a purchase. However, concerns have been raised that this strategy might dilute the exclusivity and benefits traditionally associated with X's subscription model.

Since Elon Musk, the owner of X, initially proposed that subscriptions would combat bots by ensuring that only genuine paying users were recognized within the app, introducing a free trial could potentially undermine this goal, as it might allow spammers and scammers to exploit the trial to create multiple fake profiles, thereby aiding in their deceptive activities.

Musk originally suggested that X Premium would significantly increase the costs for bot operators, who would need to pay to register each profile to maintain legitimacy within the app. However, with less than 1% of X users currently subscribed to Premium, it hasn't proven to be the substantial hurdle against bots that Musk envisioned. This suggests that X Premium may now prioritize revenue generation and enhancing exposure for its AI bot, rather than solely serving as an anti-bot measure.

Therefore, offering a free trial could be a logical step forward. It would also be intriguing to gauge the level of interest among potential users in trying out a free version of Premium, which could serve as an indicator of the broader market appeal for the package.

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