YouTube gen-AI features: Conversational tool & comments summarizer

YouTube is testing new generative AI features including a comments summarizer for topics discussed in the comments section and a conversational tool that will answer questions for the paid subscribers.

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YouTube gen-AI features

YouTube is testing new generative AI features for the premium package available for paid subscribers. The feature includes a conversational tool that will give out suggestions on what to watch and answer questions on the app’s content along with a new feature that will summarize a video in the comment section. The testing will go on for several weeks and months only on English videos, as the app gathers feedback from users.

The features will be available for the YouTube experiment hub on an opt-in basis on The conversational tool is said to be coming out in a few weeks while the summarizing feature is only available to users who opt for it.

The feature is only available in the US initially and for users on Android who click on “Ask” on the video’s watch page. However, it will not be available on all videos. It is being tested for a few users but will be rolled out on an opt-in basis for YouTube Premium members in the coming weeks.

The conversational tool will answer questions with the help of “large language models that draw on information from YouTube and the web and will help a user dive deeper into the content they watch.” Users can ask for information on what they are watching or ask for recommendations by clicking on “recommend related content.” The video will keep playing without interruptions.

The comments summarizer, on the other hand, will use generative AI to summarize what users have been commenting under the video and the topic discussed. YouTube believes this feature will help creators understand their audiences better without having to read through every single comment. YouTube creators will be able to take out any comment topics by deleting comments under that topic.

The comment topic will only appear with published comments and comments that are blocked by users or containing blocked words will not be considered.


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