YouTube's new feature can identify songs if you hum

YouTube's new feature improves song-identifying algorithm. It can recognize songs users have hummed, and recorded, to provide results of the music videos and UGC of that song.

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youtube's new feature

YouTube has announced a new song-identifying feature on its support page and will work akin to Shazam of Apple. This feature will be available on the Android version of YouTube. This feature will help users to search for songs without knowing the name of the song or typing it out.

Users can use the voice search feature on the app and record the song by either singing, playing a recorded version or humming for more than 3 seconds and the app will lead the user to official music video and user-generated content such as shorts using that song.

‘We’re experimenting with the ability for folks to search for a song on YouTube by humming or recording a song that’s currently being played. If you’re in the experiment, you can toggle from YouTube voice search to the new song search feature, and hum or record the song you’re searching for 3+ seconds in order for the song to be identified,’ YouTube shared in a report

This is still in development and hence available for only a few users, once rolled out fully, it will be very useful to look up songs on the app directly instead of going through Google. 

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