Gen Z in tier 3 & 4 cities are prudent and value-driven spenders: Report

MSL, in collaboration with LocalCircles, conducted the "Make Way for Bharat Z" study, decoding the power of India’s small-town Gen Z by surveying 16,000 respondents from 191 tier 3 and 4 cities across the country.

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MSL India recently launched an exclusive report Make Way for Bharat Z that decodes the lives of India’s Gen Z from tier 3 and 4 cities. 'Make Way for Bharat Z' decodes the power of India’s small-town Gen Z. MSL roped in the consumer pulse platform LocalCircles to reach 16,000 Gen Z respondents from 191 tier 3 and 4 cities across India. The report offers valuable insights into the consumer and spending behaviour of Bharat Z that make them stand out from their metro counterparts. Such as 83% of respondents selected print media as their top source of daily media consumption for information while 86% chose television as their main source of daily media consumption for entertainment.

This report showcases the diverse nature of India’s Gen Z and how they cannot be put in one box. 

Amit Misra, Chief Executive Officer of MSL South Asia, shared his thoughts on the occasion of the launch of MSL Mojo: “Culture is the driving force shaping our future and Gen Z, with their vibrant energy, diverse perspectives, and digital fluency, are at the forefront of this cultural revolution. We at MSL wanted to create a culture engine that would shape opinions, emotions, and consumption. That’s how we came up with MSL Mojo, our culture engagement platform that will help brands navigate through these changing times.”

 You can download the report here:

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