Aesthetic Indian brands on Pinterest that enhance shopping experiences for the youth

Pinterest has a strong focus on visual elements, and aesthetics, catering to a relatively younger audience. Here are a few Indian brands that market their products to curate tips and inspirations and drive engagement.

Nishita Kunder
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Indian brands on Pinterest

Pinterest - the popular social media platform is used extensively as a clean canvas by users for its visuals and aesthetics. Users have the creative opportunity to curate outfits, renovate a living space, find recipes, and add these pins to their board. This allows brands to utilise the significance of the visual aspect and showcase their products.

In 2021, the platform reported that the number of pinners engaging with shopping surfaces grew over 20% both quarter-over-quarter and year-over-year in Q4 of 2021. What's more, 80% of Pinterest users have discovered, or plan to discover, a new brand or product on the platform. 

Considering, that it adds to the online shopping experience, major Indian brands still shy away from creating a niche for themselves despite the ability to reach over 445 million monthly active users for massive growth. We highlight a few Indian brands using Pinterest to reach out to the younger generation and drive engagement.


Suta has been attempting to introduce the beauty of Indian apparel to the younger generation. The brand has a robust 50 thousand followers on the platform. The brand's strategy relies on showcasing its product while explaining the history behind the garment-making process which informs customers about the brand, brings the brand and audience closer and drives audience engagement.




Nykaa, apart from being a makeup commerce giant also enjoys 80 thousand followers. On Pinterest, 91% of beauty searches are unbranded. Nykaa bridges the information gap by fulfilling the need for tips on skincare, makeup, and beauty-related topics on the platform. Both the brand and the platform have a relatively younger audience. The e-commerce giant makes use of that by establishing itself with a variety of aesthetically pleasing content.






Mojarto displays original Indian paintings, prints, and sculptures on Pinterest with a heavy focus on storytelling. The platform concentrates on aesthetics and decorating a living space. Pinterest is a haven for decorating tips and the brand gives Pinterest users what they come for. With 19 thousand followers, the brand also focuses on encouraging gifting paintings as an option to users.



Asian paints

Another brand that focuses on home decor and aesthetics is Asian Paints. While there are many brands and influencers that give handy tips to spruce up the interiors, the brand goes and extra mile to attract users. It incorporates ongoing events and festivals like Navratri, Durga Pooja and celebrity collaborations to spice up its Pinterest feed.


Asian Paints also conducts contests to engage and make two-way conversations with its audience of 36,000.





Jaypore brings handmade sarees, jewellery, and home decor to its 4.1 lakh followers. The brand has a unique look and gives out tips for ethnic dressing.




Myntra, the e-commerce fashion brand comprehends how Pinterest can be the platform to help expand the brand's reach by putting out fashion tips. Outfit inspiration is one of the core elements of the app and Myntra fulfils the need for clothing tips for various occasions - back to college, festivities, and more while marketing its products. The brand has 78 thousand followers.





Good Earth

Good Earth’s page on Pinterest is an ode to Indian craftsmanship. The brand has a following of 1.6 lakh. The brand stands for storytelling and does it in a way that is harmonious with Pinterest. The brand covers Indian traditions across the country, explaining folktales, and traditions while giving tips on fashion, hosting, and book recommendations.






Livspace is a custom home renovation and interior designing brand with 2.2 lakh followers on  Pinterest. The brand provides home decor tips and inspirations to amplify a living space. The brand shares specific decor tips on occasions such as Navratri, Independence Day, and more to help the users stay updated.


Teaming up with well-known celebrities and showcasing how their preferences impact a living space is great for both the brand and the celebrities' followers. People are likely to tune in to see what their favorite celebrities appreciate in decor, gaining more exposure for the brand.


Livspace showcases the inner workings of how the brand transforms a house by interviewing customers. This opens up two-way communication between the brand and its audience while still being promotional in nature.


The dynamic landscape of Indian brands in beauty, apparel, and home decor is witnessing the utilisation of visuals as they attempt to expand their reach and create a niche for themselves in the vast market.

As Pinterest has introduced three augmented reality platforms (Lipstick Try-On, Eyeshadow Try On, and Try On for Home Decor), it has been observed that users are five times more likely to purchase something if they can try it in AR. Pinners are specifically searching for Try-On pins—lens camera searches are increasing year-over-year by 126%.

Through compelling and visually appealing content, brands can connect with audiences on a deeper level, inspiring and influencing consumer choices. 


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