Listicle: Brands blend sustainability & AI to strengthen their marketing efforts

Globally, brands have been using AI as a conduit to course-correct their environmental drawbacks and reduce advertising costs. Here are a few brands that are blending sustainability & AI in their marketing initiatives.

Nishita Kunder
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On average, it has been estimated that we come across approximately 4000 to 10,000 ads per day across all mediums. While this might seem an exaggeration, making an advertisement comes with its carbon footprint. A single ad campaign generates 70 tons of CO2 equivalent emissions, the same as what seven people on average release into the atmosphere in a year.

Striving for sustainability has been a part of the conversation for a long time now and brands are heeding the consumer demands to make sure the planet doesn't suffer from commerce. With artificial intelligence (AI) coming into the picture, brands are incorporating it into every aspect for efficiency and to add a modern splash to their approach.

Fighting Climate change is a big demand from the consumer’s perspective and this environmentally-conscious audience urge to not engage in retail activities that are conducive to harming the planet in any way is very strong. Brands are becoming more cognizant of the inevitable dangers that cyclical shopping poses and are trying to mend their ways. Because of its ability to analyze enormous amounts of data, experts have suggested that AI can drive sustainability initiatives forward like sustainability diagnostics, eco-friendly innovation and design and more. 

Here are a few brands that have been investing in AI in an attempt to not cause more damage to the environment.


Patagonia is using AI to upgrade its digital advertising by curating personalized messages for consumers. The endeavour will help reduce ad spend in digital marketing and environmental impact which accounts for 3.5% of global GHG emissions, according to the French think tank, The Shift Project while still reaching out to the consumer similarly if not in a more targeted way.


AI has been instrumental in various Coca-Cola campaigns. The use of AI attempts to shrink its environmental footprint. The brand has been focusing on reducing, recycling, and plastic pollution, and AI reduces and takes the load off traditional marketing leading to an effect on global climate.


Budweiser has used AI in their campaigns promoting safe drinking and recycling the packaging. The ad campaigns endorse drinking responsibly and maintain civics responsibilities being sustainable.


Google focuses a lot on its carbon footprint and the Google for Sustainability initiative tailors marketing campaigns with sustainability at the forefront. Google uses AI to maintain energy consumption in their data centres at optimal levels, and they promote sustainability with it.


Diageo has adopted AI in its marketing campaigns to enhance its creativity. The brand started to expand the use of AI as the technology reduced the price of 1,000 advertisement impressions (CPM, or cost per mille) by 50%. The marketing campaigns responsibly focus on the consumption of alcohol while cutting down marketing costs on the environment.


Ford manufactures and markets electric and hybrid vehicles which have a positive impact on the environment than fuel motors. Ford utilizes AI to get better fuel efficiency and cut down on emissions. The company has a subsidiary called Latitude AI focused on developing a hands-free, eyes-off-the-road automated driving system for its vehicles.


L'Oréal uses AI for the estimation of beauty trends within the next 6 to 18 months period and to manufacture products accordingly. The beauty industry produces large amounts of waste and understanding the trends to produce products in optimal amounts will cut down on waste and resources used.


IBM facilitates its Call For Good initiative to discuss climate change by exhorting developers to find AI solutions to these sensitive issues. The brand urges to develop innovative technology to combat social and humanitarian ordeals.


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