Brands stir up a billboard banter with Netflix amidst Killer Soup promotions

Recently Netflix used wordplay and a billboard to promote its latest original show, Killer Soup. Soon brands took the opportunity to start a billboard banter on social media, generating a moment marketing trend. Here's a look at some of the creatives we came across.

Hiya Rupreja
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The brandverse has hopped onto yet another #billboardbanter bandwagon. To promote its latest original show, Killer Soup, Netflix rolled out an OOH reading 'Craving killer soup? Watch now'. Swiggy soon joined this by adding a similar billboard adjacent to it that read 'Craving a soup? Order now'. Other brands quickly picked up this meme-worthy billboard banter, and using clever wordplay joined in on this, giving rise to a viral moment marketing trend. 

Brands like Spotify, Blinkit, Ajio, and made their own version of the meme, while Bumble India stood out with a post that playfully claimed, 'Soup tastes better when shared one by two'. This isn't the first time that brands have jumped on a brand-banter trend. Last year, a similar OOH campaign by Zomato and BlinkIt had brands unleashing their creativity. 

Here are a few other brand creatives that we came across: 

Delhi Police 


Bumble India

Ajio Life

Axis Bank 




Vim India 

Lets Shave


Royal Touche 

Portea Medical 

Chinese Wok

If your favourite billboard creatives didn't make the list, write to us at or let us know in the comments below.

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