Brands live like Orry for a day with latest moment marketing trend

Brands get in on the action with the internet sharing their hilarious creatives on Orry's 'I live, I am a liver' comment. Here are a few creatives we found.

Nishita Kunder
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Orhan Awatramani, or ‘Orry’ as the netizens call him, sparked great curiosity when he was noticed in posts surrounded by famous faces like Sara Ali Khan, Jahnvi Kapoor, Nysa Devgan, and others. People seemed genuinely curious about B-Town's newest 'celeb-friend', who's famously known for his quote shared in an interview -- "You go for a job, you are a jobber. You paint, you are a painter. I am living, I am a liver. Yeah, I am a liver." Soon enough, in classic internet style, Orry's unique personality and oneliner became netizens' favourite meme trend, using it in comments, re-posting the clip and more. 

Brands were quick to notice this trend among users and grabbed onto the viral moment with their version of the trend in the form of brand creatives. gave a wedding twist to this moment and said, ‘I am going to meet-her, Imma meter’. Fevicol also participated in the trend with 'I stick, but I'm not a sticker’.






















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Brands creatives Meme Orry