How Companies Can Use Blogs for Lead Generation

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Blogs make it easier to connect with everything that your brand is doing online, even offline, by becoming the central source of relevant content. It’s like the ‘core curriculum’ of all your online activities. You can say it’s the front page of online-news about you, your brand and all the exhilarating experiences around it. It’s the next important property online after your website.

Many people believe that blogging is mostly about sharing your personal experiences.

That’s true.

So how can blogging generate leads for your business, you wonder?

Because “sharing is caring”. :)

You can draw targeted people to your blog via search engines, use of social media and primarily through the underestimated power of word of mouth communication which triumphs in every industry or its niche.

Following are details on how you could successfully use blogs for lead generation.

1.      Commenting

One of the simplest methods to generate leads is by commenting on other blogs who belong to the same industry and are possibly sharing relative content. Start doing that today but don’t spam; just leave appropriate comments or opinions. Let targeted people view your profile, land up on your blog and subscribe to it eventually. This will generate more traffic to your blog in the form of backlink.

An example of a Backlink, which is important to get a blog listed on Google.

2.    Channeling

Generate more sales by directing traffic to your company website or ecommerce by embedding interactive and appealing banners on your blog. Channeling leads by creating call to action on the blog is extremely important but ensure that those banners or hyperlinked texts are not too loud because that could result in higher bounce rates on each blog post. You could also earn revenue by letting other brands advertise on your blog

3.      Converting

Successful conversion of leads to sales is the last challenge where you need to drive them to purchase your products/services or at least sign up for your sales funnel. Don’t forget to test your lead capturing initiatives at regular intervals in order to adapt better techniques in the future. Remember, acquiring more leads is not always better than acquiring fewer quality leads. Offering email subscription to blog updates is another popular technique of acquiring quality leads.

Generating leads for your company through blogs.

A blog will help you establish your/your company’s expertise and build positive brand reputation in the long run. Make sure your blog posts are relevant, frequent and most importantly useful. The combination of your thoughts of leadership and online credibility will acquire you new prospects and leads sooner than you expect.

Before you begin, don’t forget to invest adequate time in understanding what your target market would like to read. Once you know your reach of topics, seek for keywords accordingly as they will help readers reach your blog through search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo. Hence, it would be wise to know what your target is looking for recently in order to talk about that and just that exactly.

Before we conclude, we would like to remind you that blogging is not only about generating leads for your business. It’s for building connections with existing customers, turning prospects into loyal customers; push newer potential buyers into the sales funnel, acquire constructive feedback about products/services and mainly to voice YOUR expertise and opinions.

A comic on Blogs.

Happy blogging! :)



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