Indian Brands' Facebook Cover photos: Best and worst

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Indian Brands' Facebook Cover photos: Best and worst

Here is a look at the Facebook cover photos of some of the well known as well as not so known brands of India.

Facebook users may have finally adapted to the concept of Facebook Cover Photos and Timelines but the doors were opened for corporate brands only yesterday. So how do Indian brands fare in this area?

Thumbs Up!

1. Kingfisher


Kudos to the alcohol giant for a vibrant cover that arrests attention and reinforces the tagline excellently.

2. Tata Docomo

Facebook Cover photos

Tata Docomo succeeds in creating a friendly and engaging cover with maximum use of brand ambassador Ranbir Kapoor.

3. Yolkshire

Facebook Cover photos

Now that's what we're talking about! The mouth-watering cover photograph makes you want to try Yolkshire immediately. Here is a cover that is both attractive and eloquent. 

4. The Dirty Picture

 Facebook Cover photos

It would be really difficult to go wrong with a film cover and Dirty Picture doesn't. Not bad at all.

5. Social Samosa

Facebook Cover photos

The cover is well designed, conveys the point and has just the right amount of colour.

6. Shoppers Stop India

Facebook Cover photos

I’m not sure about the black and white colour scheme but it’s classy. The division of the cover space is innovative and nicely done. 

7. Fastrack

Facebook Cover photos

The photograph is catchy and speaks directly to its target audience. The clean design works.

8. Random House India

Facebook Cover photos

The publishing giant has made excellent use of the cover function to publicise their latest book release. 

9. Peace Talks

Facebook Cover photos

This is sheer brilliance. The cover is both evocative and aesthetically pleasing. 

10. Kolkata Knight Riders

Facebook Cover Photos

Though the cover photo repeats the profile picture, they blend beautifully together.

Thumbs Down!

1. The Tossed Salad

Facebook Cover Photos

The photograph is repetitive - the same as the profile picture and fails to draw attention. 

2. Dove

Facebook Cover Photos

here are too many faces on the cover and it’s badly edited. We wonder whose idea it was to split the cover into two. The brand needs to emphasize on one or two faces. 

3. Facebook India

Facebook Cover Photos

Ironic but true – Facebook India’s cover photo receives a thumbs down from us. The photograph looks like the cover photo of a real estate company or government entity. It conveys nothing about the brand image of Facebook.

4. Megha Jewellers

Facebook Cover Photos

What might have looked fresh and clean on a website masthead goes a little wrong with this cover. Too little and not arresting enough.

5. Axe Angels

Facebook Cover Photos

As a profile picture, the concept is good. As a cover photo, well not exactly. Many of the other photos uploaded by Axe would’ve made for excellent cover photos. And perhaps they should take a cue from the fact that the cover photo has only gained one ‘like’ so far.

6. Honda India

Facebook Cover Photos

What were they thinking about? This? Really?

7. BlogAdda

Facebook Cover Photos

The cover is a little too plain and insipid. Some more colour and interesting elements would be nice.

8. L’Officiel India

Facebook Cover Photos

The idea of splitting up a cover just doesn’t work for me. The cover is designed to bring emphasis on one particularly arresting photograph. L’Officiel India’s cover looks crowded and adds nothing to the page.

9. Reuters India

Facebook Cover Photos

I have mixed feelings about this one. While Reuters India is one of the few newspaper houses to have put up a cover already, it doesn’t exactly reflect the brand. 

10. Skull Candy

Facebook Cover Photos 

The cover photo is wrong on several fronts. One – it’s of poor quality. Two – it’s unimaginative. There is some serious thinking that needs to go in here.

11. Fashion And You

Facebook Cover Photos

With fashion, the sky is the limit. The cover photo is very tired and the colour scheme done to death.

 12. Signature

Facebook Cover Photos

Probably Signature forgot that a Facebook page is not a corporate website.

In conclusion, it’s pretty obvious that Indian brands are still feeling their way around the concept of covers but it’s encouraging to see so many of them adapting and innovating already.

If you find some really good/bad covers in the coming few days, please let me know and I will update this post. By the time this post is out, a few more would be live :-)

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