New Facebook Timeline... AGAIN!

Kunal Shah
May 23, 2012 08:37 IST
New Facebook Timeline... AGAIN!

Facebook just launched file sharing feature for groups and we will soon see the result of Facebook acquiring Instagram. For now, have we settled down with the new profile layout called Timeline? Oh well, we don't need to yet as there's another one coming out soon! “What the??!!? Am already confused with the Timeline and yet another change?” Well, we all know "the only constant thing is change" and Facebook certainly seems to worship that.

After a rocky IPO performance so far and Facebook shares loosing more than a billion USD in valuation in less than a day, Zuckerberg is now testing a newer layout of the timeline to keep users hooked. Not that they are revolutionary but yes, some subtle yet noticeable changes deserve a mention.

Here’s a before-after look of the Facebook Timeline,





The Major Changes:

Firstly, the name, location, occupation and education have been made a part of the cover image. This ought to make some more wall space for the news and activity feed for viewers. Also, text color has been changed to white so as to stand out against the dark colors of most user’s cover photos. Not so sure but we might have options to choose the text color too.

Also, the major tabs/sections of a profile - friends, photos and others that are presently seen have been changed to icons. Additionally, the “Likes” have now been renamed as “Favorites” and a new icon called “Life Events” has been added.

And now, lets have a look changes Facebook has brought in from 2005 to the present day just in the profile layout:

2005 – The Facebook

 This was when Facebook was only available to select networks (read Harvard University). No news feed and users could only check each other’s profiles like the one below:



2006 – Mini Feed:

This is when the news feed feature was first introduced.


2007– Interaction:

While no major changes in the profile design, this was the time when users started interacting with each other. Facebook Gifts anyone?


2008 – App Time!:

This was the time when users got the ability to add application tabs to their profiles. Also, this was the time when the publisher was introduced which enabled users to publish status updates, photographs and links on their profiles.


2009 – Facebook Pages:

2009 saw the launch of pages on Facebook. And by the next year, businesses started adopting them!


2010 – Visual Design Changes:

This was the time when users could add a series of photographs to their profile view like the one’s below.


2011 – The Ticker:

September 20, 2011 saw the launch of the Ticker. This enables users to see everything happening around them.


2011 – The Timeline:

2011 also saw the launch of the Facebook Timeline during the F8 conference. This profile view which allowed the users to exhibit important milestones of their lives was an important milestone for Facebook. It was one of the most significant changes done by team Zuckerberg.



Summing it Up:

Overall, the look seems pretty streamlined and good to go. However, at present there is no official feedback from Facebook whether it will get adopted as the official future look of the timeline or no.


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