Alternatives to Pinterest

Alternatives to Pinterest

It came, it saw, it conquered! From a platform that barely had a million users worldwide to one that has more than 17 million (around 2 million regular users in India alone), Pinterest has now become the first stand-alone site to grow this fast in the history of the internet. It even holds the record of being the website that crossed the ten million unique visitor mark in the shortest period of time.

Users are in a daze these days, thanks to excessive bombardment of social media. They often feel confused as to what they should “Like”, what they should “Share”, what can be “re-pinned” and what should be “Tweeted” as many platforms give you all the options. Some have even incorporated the infamous “+1” of Google’s not so populous social media platform, Google Plus. For brands, this platform brings with it a whole new way to share stuff socially although it does have its share of challenges.

Today, however, we will examine three alternatives to Pinterest and their viability:

Option 1:

This one’s called “ The Fancy

Fancy is a platform based on the same idea as Pinterest. The added advantage here is that you do not need an invite to join Fancy. Just like Pinterest, you can pin or fancy images and add them to your lists or boards.  Fancy also lets people give you a rank based on your popularity. The greater the number of people ranking you more will be your popularity on the platform. Fancy is also planning to give out badges soon.

An interesting feature of Fancy is the deals section. Here you can check out the many different deals available on the internet. Though it does not have many listed at the moment, you can expect hundreds when the platform becomes more popular among users.

Here’s the link to the site

Option 2:

Chill also operates on the same concept as Pinterest and Fancy, the only difference being you share videos here instead of pictures. You can share videos that you like and also check out what others have posted. Apart from liking and commenting on yours as well other’s videos, you can also re-post them in collections which are similar to Pinterest’s Boards. An interesting feature of Chill is that it also lets you customize your profile page, something that no other platform is offering as of now.

Check it out here 

Option 3:

The male version of Pinterest! All of you know that 90% of the traffic on Pinterest is women. Gentlemint, on the other hand, has got all male-oriented postings and tons of them. Like Pinterest, registration on Gentlemint is also invitation only for now. This is because the makers wish to protect the users from getting bogged down by too much information. Also, in order to ensure that the present users enjoy surfing, Gentlemint keeps adding new and better features from time to time. The latest addition is called “Save your Mint” which is quite similar to the Boards feature of Pinterest!

Link to Gentlemint here

Though all of these platforms will help your brand to get noticed, it will be the content of the same that will decide who stays here for long. Keep putting up new stuff at frequent intervals in order to keep your followers hooked.

Feature Image courtesy:  levork