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Who are we?

We’re a young and entrepreneurial digital marketing agency with a ‘wow’ presence in Mumbai and Dubai. We’re young, because the average age of our 45+ member team is 22 years and entrepreneurial, because we are a cut above the regular agencies. We love trying crazy stuff and experimenting with the unknown, but most of all, we love having fun while doing what we do! *While I write this there’s a blue haired man shooting a bullet at me with the nerf gun!*

For us, our culture holds our essence! We walk into the office with a smile and walk out with an even bigger smile! *Don’t ask what happens while we’re in here! ;)*

Our clients belong to industries ranging from fashion to medical transcription, food, entertainment and education. Phew! That’s a lot of variety!

While our credentials include several successful campaigns over Facebook and Twitter, our venture Zozolo had been selected by Mashable as one of the top 10 hottest young companies to watch out for. *Collars Up!* :p


The Founders

1. Rohan Bhansali


Rohan is all about entrepreneurship and getting things done. With a keen insight into all things that keep the business going, his biggest happiness lies in building a good and happy team. Rohan swears by the Art of Living's meditation practice. He usually winds down with an inspirational book (or Calvin and Hobbes) and a hot cup of coffee on holidays.

Famous Words: "You da man"

2. Ahmed Naqvi

Social Media Agency

Arabic for 'worthy of praise', he bridges the gap between technology & fine arts, with a refreshing emphasis on the latter. A visceral artist, he elusively describes the creative process as a search for meaning that is finished when the meaning is completed. The wide range of styles, media and techniques that he employs in his work is evidence of not only his creative latitude, but also his ability to harness additional talents to help realize his creative visions. A cricket buff and a fantastic cook, when he is not thinking web businesses, he is usually cooking an exotic meal for his family and friends.

Famous Words: "If it can be done, it will be done!"

3. Dushyant Bhatia


Dushyant has an acute insight into the web as a platform. His first experimental venture was one of the few India-based web start-ups to be featured on Wall Street Journal (USA). Street smart, tenacious and a ‘go-getter’, he possesses the ability to create his own reality. Visionary by nature, he constantly pushes the envelope to bigger challenges and better ideas; he truly is one of the biggest internet enthusiasts. When not at work, he allows himself to unwind with Hollywood flicks or computer games.

Famous words – “Boss, This is Life!”

What's in the name?

As we say, all good things happen over coffee; ‘Gozoop’ came around in the same way! After a couple of intensive (fun) meetings amongst Rohan, Ahmed and Dushyant, they all caught up over a cup of coffee at CCD when Ahmed proposed the magical word, ‘GOZOOP’. The name was short, unique, catchy and most importantly, its domain was available (Lol), there was no giving second thoughts to it! *Fate simply had this in mind!* 

What we do?

We simply love the net and do everything that goes online! We would categorize our work into 3 broad segments.

1. GOZOOP Suite of Services:


a. Social Media Marketing

b. Mobile Apps (Iphone, Blackberry, Android, Ipad)

c. Search Engine Marketing

d. Search Engine Optimization

e. Online Reputation Management

f. Website Development

g. FB Games and FB applications

2. Gozoop’s first inhouse Product: Zozolo


ZOZOLO develops semantic applications and products. Our suite of products includes solutions for social loyalty, social commerce and social analytics.

• Social E-Commerce solution - Our Social E-Commerce platform allows retailers to sell their products on Facebook itself without diverting FB users to the website. Some of the leading brands in India and M.East corporate are already using this platform. Some big names would be Titan, Damas, Jashanmal to name a few.

Social Loyalty App

Our new product launched a couple of months ago – ZOZOLO Loyalty Rewards is an app which allows brands to recognize their most loyal fans and reward them for their loyalty. We've had some real great response for this product as well.


3. Gozoop’s first web business: Decidebay Review Portal


DecideBay is a social podium that encourages consumers to review everything that they use, and we mean everything! Automobiles, laptops, mobiles, books, movies, finance, travels, websites and much more! At DecideBay, we encourage customers to make an informed decision while purchasing anything.

P.S. The portal is on beta mode at the moment and it will be launching soon! Stay tuned to be the first one to review when we go live! :)

Why we do it?

There are 3 important reasons why we do what we do:

1. “We love internet <3 !”

2. “We love the web <3 !”

3. “We love social media <3 !”

How we evolve?

Reading, reading and more reading – is our only mantra to evolve. With the way social media is evolving, it’s very important to have qualitative reading and researching, in order to keep ourselves updated. As a matter of practice, every new joinee in social media at Gozoop goes through a lot of reading for the first 3 days with us. We also keep working on internal research reports on competitors of our brands/clients so that we can give our clients an edge. We keep on circulating info graphics, insights, news, etc. internally as and when we find something worth sharing.

Social responsibility in social media

We at Gozoop believe in executing our efforts with honesty, dignity and humbleness. We stand by social ethics and actively conform to the laws and unsaid rules that govern the web. For us, it’s not only about getting there quick, but getting there quick with the right means! We believe in being what we are, instead of pretending what we’re not and that’s precisely what we communicate to our clients as well!

Need of the hour

With the dynamic and evolving nature of social media, it is imperative for the clients to understand social media more closely. The key being, everything does not just revolve around the clicks! As absurd as it may sound, connecting with your audiences is more important than any of those clicks or ROIs. We should focus more on humanizing the brand than simply monetizing it!

We learned the hard way

• With our expansions across different parts of the world, first in Dubai and now in Singapore, we realized that what works out there doesn’t click in India and vice versa.

• There’s a lot of planning and strategizing that goes in before we begin to execute any of those break through ideas.

• However dynamic the social media gets, if your break-through idea does not suit your audience, it all goes down the drain.

Also, being honest to your work pays back! If you’re honest with what you are delivering to your clients, may what come, the client will be yours forever!

Did we just share that?

Bloopers are something that are inseparable with social media! We’ve had some of them too and its best to keep our lips sealed! But there’s one that we just can’t hold back – an old client of ours calls one of us at 1 in the night and says “ek link bheja hai, usko google se nikal do!”

We just don’t say that online media can get tough, by such incidences we actually mean it… but moreover we really find this cute! :p

They work with us


Industry as we foresee

• While digital space is gaining importance among businesses, there definitely is more competition, more creative splurges and more innovation that will step in.

• Mobile will be the next big thing.

• Social commerce will evolve in next 2 years.

• Consolidation phase in this industry

Being awed by the dominance of social media, more and more entrepreneurs will try their hands at it. Some wise ones will survive while the pretentious will fall!

A day without Internet

If we ever have to think about a day without internet at Gozoop, we are very certain of how it would be.

• Foosball Tournaments

• Counter Strike Wars

• Pizzas, samosas, chai, coffee

• And so much more fun…!! :)

Lastly, are you hiring?

We are always looking to build our team with “good people to work with”. We focus a lot on our culture and make sure that our team has a fun time working.

At the moment, we are hiring for a few positions. Listed here

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