Why Pinterest is Hot Property?

Kunal Shah
Apr 17, 2012 09:30 IST
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Why Pinterest is Hot Property?

Palo Alto based Ben Sibermann’s Pinterest is the latest social media toy to take the market by storm. The website was jointly developed by Sibermann, Evan Sharp and Paul Sciarra. The website is all about curation, a word that has been used and abused by people, especially the tech enthusiasts in Indian and international 'silicon valleys'. In layman terms, Pinterest will allow you to create a collection of images of stuff that you like and find on the World Wide Web. The website has become highly popular and boasts of getting more traffic then Google+ in its initial months. It has been termed as the next generation of social media, called social content curation by prominent social media experts. Here are some reasons why Pinterest has captured the interest of social media enthusiasts all over.

Pinterest is by far the fastest medium for content creation when compared to all other social networking sites. This is primarily because of the ease of creation. Let us look at it this way, Pinterest was established in the year 2010 and it got prominence in 2012. During this period, the amount of content generated on the site has been the higher compared to all other sites in the same period.


This growth is here to stay according to social media enthusiast Dushyant Bhatia who says, “There is a high potential in social content curation as people want everything done faster and faster. Push Button Content curation is what people today prefer and Pinterest offers the same in an organized manner.”

Also, Pinterest is a place where people can share a lot of stuff in very little time. Most of us used to share photographs of people and things we liked, like trump cards, family photographs, advertisements from newspapers and magazines, even stamps and other related stuff. Some of us even used to create collages from them. Pinterest allows everyone to do the same stuff and get noticed by their friends and family. They can like it, offer suggestions and criticisms or re-pin it on their own boards to share it. All in all, the platform allows you to share more and talk about what you share with a wide audience of people in your circle.


Today, people like getting an opinion on anything and everything they do, eat or wear. And they want to stand out for the choices they make. Although different people have different ways of doing so, the end purpose remains the same; social acceptance and validation by friends, peers and family. The competition is probably the fiercest in the online world and this is why one has to make greater efforts in order to get noticed. Pinterest targets this very need of human beings in order to get traffic.

Let us hear what some of the users of Pinterest in India have to say:

A professional Photographer Jatan Atara says, “Many of the photographs I take are mundane and sometimes I am actually questioning myself as to why I am uploading them in the first place. But the filters in Pinterest work their magic on them and get me a lot of feedback. They actually give a feeling of drama and mystique to my images and the audience looks at them from a totally different perspective.”

A social media manager for a popular fashion brand, Amit Singh adds, “Pinterest has made my life very easy as I can easily get feedback from my target audience in a matter of minutes.”

Also, Pinterest got a substantial advantage in terms of market penetration over rival platforms like Flickr, MoveableType and others. This is primarily because it is only recently that we started using high speed connections in homes and offices on a 24/7 basis. Moreover, we are in an era of mobile computing where everyone wishes to stay connected round the clock. This makes platforms like Pinterest all the more important for its users.

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