New Google+ Features : Offering new Stuff on a Not-so-old Platform!

Google+ recently introduced a host of new features and is going to be launching some more within a few days. The platform, which started in 2011, boasts of having a massive 170 million strong user base. Though some of the features appear to be an imitation of its closest competitor Facebook, there is a lot more to the newness than what meets the eyes.

Read on to know more on the new Google+ Features.

New look Profile Page:

This is more or less similar to Facebook’s timeline page. You can add a profile picture & a cover image and also detailed information about yourself like location, educational qualifications, professional details, etc.

Google+ Update: Navigation Ribbon

Apps: Easy Access:

One of the best features of the new Google+, the new ribbon on the left side corner is the one button you will need to access all your applications. Thus navigation has now become easier as compared to the earlier version of G+ which had the irritating static icons on top of the page. In order to make this even better, Google+ even lets you change the order in which the applications are sorted in the ribbon using the drag-&-drop navigation.

Navigation made Easier:

Along with the ribbon icon, the navigation bar too has been tweaked to allow easier navigation. This has enhanced the platform in terms of flexibility and one can easily navigate to the different areas of the site and check all the news about apps available on Google+.

Enhanced Photo Sharing:

Google+ now lets you share bigger and high resolution images. You can even share your blog pages online. The platform will display the full page and help you get more traffic though shares and likes.

Video Hangouts now possible:

Google has enhanced the chat list feature and also added a new feature called video hangouts. Currently, you can add a maximum ten people to one hangout which can be a pain however. You are also allowed to join on-going hangouts if they have less than ten people presently participating in the same. This is one feature that makes chatting on Google+ a wee bit better than on Facebook and is expected to add to its following over time.

Google+: There’s more to explore

The Activity Drawer:

There is no change in this feature and it still has the same +1’s and shares option. Google however claims that this will make it easier for users to join any discussion that is going on.

The New Slider:

The slider has been added now to the circles. It enables people to see as much of the circle as they desire to.

Summing it up:

Though these more or less covers up the new features in Google+, there is still more to come. The people at Google have said that Google+ is still in a growing stage and there is lot more to come. You can expect stuff like Google places integration and other such stuff in the near future.