Satyamev Jayate: Social Media Research Report

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May 14, 2012 09:30 IST
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Satyamev Jayate

Social Media Snapshot of Satyamev Jayate 

Facebook Buzz!

• Likes: 660,643

• People talking about: 382,319

• Facebook public posts: 1712

Twitter Buzz! 

• Followers: 15135

• Following: 60

• Total tweets and retweets: 35306

• Among top 5 in Twitter Trends India!

YouTube Buzz!

•Total views: 353,255

•Ratings: 5221

•Likes: 5142

•Dislikes: 79

• Comments: 1,374

•Favorites: 538

Google Trends

"Satyamev Jayate" became the most searched word in India on 6th May!

The buzz about “Satyamev Jayate” peaked between 12:15 PM and 1:30 PM,just after the airing of the first episode on television. It continued for the entirelaunch day on 6th May and then continued to decline for the following days till9th May.Exhibit 1: Buzz trend over the period of observation 20000! 18000! 16000! 14000! 12000! 10000! Overall! 8000! Positive! 6000! Negative! 4000! 2000! 0!Source: Simplify360 3

Audience Sentiment Analysis 

The overall opinion on “Satyamev Jayate” is positive, with just 5% talkingnegatively about it.

Audience Intelligence 

Gender Demographics : Majority of people talking about “Satyamev Jayate” are male. In spite of the factthat the pilot episode spoke about females and foeticide, men were conversingmore about “Satyamev Jayate" than females.

Age Demographics: People in the age group of 18-35 years generate maximum of the buzz. This generation is certainly more concerned about key issues the country is facing.

Geographical Demographics 

The maximum buzz came from the state of Maharashtra followed by Karnatakaand NCT. More than 50% of the buzz was created by these states.

What are most people Talking about

Common Topics of Discussion:

1. After the pilot episode, viewers have initiated conversations related to the theme of the episode “female infanticide”. This shows that Satyamev Jayate is evoking people to discuss socially sensitive issues

2. Satyamev Jayate is being compared with The Oprah Winfrey Show. The audience is pondering over whether Satyamev Jayate is just another copy of a famous western TV show or does Aamir have something interesting.

3. Satyamev Jayate is being abbreviated to SMJ expressing the shows popularity.

4. People are also discussing the change it can bring in the society.

Measuring the Social Impact

Themed on “Female Infanticide” the pilot episode of Satyamev Jayate airedon May 6th calls for a change in the society and to root out social evils existingacross the social strata. The impact of the call for social change is measured inthe Social Media Space.Total amount of conversations tracked: 13,632

Does the Khan-Ka-Khandan Magnet work?

In this section we try to answer the question “Does a celebrity magnet work?” If it works, to what extend it is working and if not why is it not working.Joy @JoyDas in his tweet says, “If u Check SMJ Hash tag, you will find 95% talking about Aamir Khan - 5% about Female Foeticide! And that puts ourPriorities in Perspective”. His claim is not backed by a strong research data, buthis guesstimate might be true to some extent.

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