The Six G’s of Social Media Marketing

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Do's and Don'ts of Social Media Marketing

To make it easy to understand and remember, we have listed the Do's and Don’ts of Social Media Marketing in form of 6 G's.

Do be...

1. Genuine: You don't want your potential customers to think of you as a fake or random profile, posting irrelevant content every now and then. You have to be Genuine in how you portray your image and what you post. Initially, in the first flush of excitement to make the profiles more interactive, we sometimes divert from the relevance of the content and post something that doesn't make sense to the Brand or Product or Service. Such type of content is mostly treated as Spam and users lose interest with such posts. Thus, try to be Genuine with what you post and how you portray your image.

2. Generous: Generosity is in giving it away. Give more to your people. By giving, we mean, some incentives to loyal customers or followers. Not necessarily anything big, it can be as simple as Small Gifts, Goodies, Discounts, Personalized mails (even that works) as a token of appreciation of their brand loyalty. Show kindness towards others, who are frequently engaging in conversation with you.

3. Grateful: Never miss a chance to Thank You, even for the smallest of compliments by anyone. Be thankful to people and appreciate their time and effort to mention you with some positive remarks. Respond properly in time and it will make way for more such good remarks in future.

Don't be...

1. Greedy: Don't expect more than what you get or deserve. Don't be greedy for mentions, compliments and recommendations. Nothing is more annoying than someone being Greedy and pushing us for more and more. Don't be so obsessive about yourself that you fail to draw a line when it comes to asking or getting return from your customers.

2. Grandstanding: Asking people to compliment you or praise you for your product or services will actually fetch you negative remarks. Seeking to attract applause or favorable attention from people is the last thing that you would want to do to your Brand. Understand, if it is meant to come it will come, have Patience.

3. Grabby: Forcefully snatching away attention of your people from your competitors or in general is disrespectful and irritating. Getting into a Conversation is a different thing and Snatching away a Conversation is different thing. Don't jump into a conversation, wait for your turn.


These are few simple tips to that can help you enhance your engagement with people on social media. Do let us know if you have something of your own, which can be useful. Also, your feedback about this article would be appreciated a lot - "We will pay attention if you have something Good to say and even more if you have something Bad to say."

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