27% of Facebook Audience In India Are Female: Ad Rates Only 1% Higher Than Males

Kunal Shah
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27% of Facebook Audience In India Are Female: Ad Rates Only 1% Higher Than Males

Inside Network Research a portal owned by popular social media analyst today released its first report on the changing trends on Facebook audience in the Indian advertising market. They have mainly concentrated on the demographics of the market in an emerging market such as ours. As such, the figures released by them are quite astounding. Here goes:

-          The year-on-year growth exhibited by the Indian advertising market on Facebook is as high as 84%. The same figure for the Us market stands at just 63%. This despite the fact that Us has three times more users of Facebook as compared to India.

-          In the west, the general rule of thumb for advertising on Facebook is that the ad-rates for females are higher than those for males. While this stands true in the US, where the difference in rates is as high 8%, India has a different story to tell. The difference between ad rates for males and females is only 1%.

-          Indian females make for 27% of the total Indian Facebook population on Facebook.



-          87% of the total Indian population on Facebook is under 34 years old. They also command the maximum ad spends. However, there is not much in the ad rates between people above that age and those below it as compared to the same figures in the United States.


What to make of these figures:

A lot of credit for the above figures must be given to the fact that Facebook was adopted early and rapidly in India. Also, this growth of a massive 84% definitely makes India a market to be watched and considered as far as Facebook’s global advertising trends are concerned. Moreover, with more and more Indian users getting on board on a daily basis on Facebook and with the new introduction of 3G web services and mobile internet access growing day by day. This growth is only expected to increase as time passes.

Also, Indian advertisers are known to have really deep pockets and do not hesitate to spend if there is any expectation of long term returns.

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