Facebook Pages Latest Offering for Admins!

A few months ago, when Facebook announced the launch of the timeline feature for individual users as well as Facebook pages, teasers for an additional feature were widely publicized but the same was not launched for users. And now we have new Admin Control Functionality for Facebook Pages.

I just happened to learn about its soft launch and thought of sharing the same with all the readers here at Social Samosa. Along with the ability to schedule posts and updates, the new feature also allows Page Owners to assign different responsibilities to 5 admins at different levels. This is a really interesting feature as it will give the Facebook Page Admins and Owners a lot of control over who is allowed to do what.

5 Main Roles

Following are the 5 main roles that an admin can be assigned. The list is in decreasing order of permissions.

  1. The Manager
  2. The Content Creator
  3. The Moderator
  4. The Advertiser
  5. The Insight Analyst

In the table below is a specific description of the roles of each of them.

Facebook has created a separate help center page to help Page Admins to understand this new feature’s setup and the same also has a really comprehensive FAQ section. Here’s an example of an answer:

How do I schedule a post to appear later?

The Scheduling feature will allow scheduling of posts up to 6 months in advance with 15 minute time intervals.

What Investors should make of it:

This new feature clearly puts forward the fact that Facebook is dead serious about the brand pages and looks upon them as a major source of revenue in the long run. Also, a new Facebook Highlight feature is going to be introduced soon which will help Page Admins get their post highlighted to existing users for a small fee. As such, Investors are surely going to be laughing all the way to their banks!

Effects of this feature on Third Party Vendors:

This new scheduling feature will definitely invade on the applications offered by many third party vendors considering the fact that it is not only comprehensive but also because of the fact that it is available right in the Facebook dashboard which eliminates the need of using any third party software.However, many software vendors offer a lot more than just the ability of scheduling posts and perhaps this fact may help them to stay afloat.