Virtual Launch Party – How a Social Media Agency Launched Itself

Earlier this month, a group of creative youngsters came together to launch a Digital Creative Agency, Eccentric Engine. Co-founder Varun Shah teamed up with Nitant Soni and Gaurav Rane to establish what they define as one stop solution for a brand’s digital content needs, along with animation, applications, graphics and videos.

In one of my previous articles, I stated that Social Media has fast gained the reputation of being a successful prospect for business. Numerous agencies have surfaced in recent times. Very few have managed to survive while most are fighting a lost battle.

A social media agency will mostly feel the burn of failure if they did not deliver what they promise. If you say you are creative, show us the creativity. If you say you are efficient, show us the efficiency.

Eccentric Engine claims to know their audience and thus understand their requirements. What better way to launch yourself in the market with a strong message that is also the foundation of your organization?

The creative team at Eccentric Engine came up with a unique concept to launch themselves in style. The idea was to host a virtual party on their official website. This virtual experience begins with an invitation video mixed with humor by well-known stand-up comedians; I strongly recommend not to be skipped.

When asked of the idea behind the virtual launch party, Varun Shah said,

We wanted our web site launch to be a platform that would help us connect with online audience in India, apart from just our clients and partners. We wanted to show how we work and showcase our creativity, entertain the audience and make them feel important. Leading stand up comedians, Tanmay Bhat and Gursimran Khamba have performed exclusively for the Launch Party. In short, you come to our Launch Party, you laugh, you are made to feel special in the app and finally you see our Web Site and our Work.”

Did I hear app?

Yes, once the video ends, you will be asked to login through your Facebook account. Now, don’t hesitate. This app is nothing like any spamming app.

We asked Varun Shah what was so special about the app?

This application obtains your Facebook Likes and Interests and aggregates them to form our Logo! The idea was to send out a message that we know our audience well and can come up with great content for them. This app does exactly that.

The website registered more than 1500 visitors and 25 job applications within two days of the launch. It’s a hit and we have some brands appreciating the campaign and looking forward to work with us, thanks to the Launch Party.” says Varun Shah of the results following the launch.

Now that the social media agency has started on the right foot and the word is already out there of Eccentric Engine’s existence, what are the future plans?

“We are working on some exciting Brands and Ideas. You shall know soon. We also have our own Labs, where we develop homegrown products based on our own ideas, convert them into product prototypes and test them. We are looking forward to having a bunch of products and applications ready over next one year.”

Not many agencies have had a launch party inviting users to be a part of their joy. This campaign is unique as well as modest. The message was delivered and it clicked with the audience.


Uday Mane, best known to many as The Allegorist, is a Social Media expert, planner and consultant who works as a free-lancer. He eats, breathes and lives for his passion of story writing. He is nocturnal and spends most of his night working on romantic, dramatic, and murderous plots that he converts into short stories and publishes on his blog