Vote for your favorite #AwesomeHandles !

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Vote for your favorite #AwesomeHandles !

What is #AwesomeHandles?

“What is #AwesomeHandles?” is arguably one question I face the most. To break it down to its most elementary form: #AH is merely a collection of creative, funny, interesting, outrageous and utterly ridiculous handles on Twitter. Some of these handles I come across myself, while others are referred to me by a number of splendid tweeps out there. The first edition was a collection of handles that I had stumbled upon on my own. However, it would be absolutely unfair for me to say that I put together the other editions by myself. I’ve had a ridiculous amount of support from tweeps who have constantly helped me build this list. So this is me thanking you all! =)

Alright then, let’s get figure out what has to be done now, shall we?

What you have to do

  • There's a total of 250 crowd sourced handles that need your votes! Get clickin’!
  • All you’ve got to do is click on the handle to vote for it.
  • Remember, you can vote for multiple handles, but you can’t vote for the same handle more than once.

Time frame

Voting will commence as soon as this post goes live, now, June 8th.

  • Will carry on till 6pm, June 15th.
  • Make sure you get your votes in before that!

Why you should vote

  • Take a few minutes to go over the nominees and make sure you click for your favorite ones.
  •  Even if your handle isn’t on there this time around, you could still win!
  • 50 randomly chosen voters will walk away with boxes of Indian sweets ! How amazing is that! =) Thanks to the guys at Mithai4All. All you have to do is tweet the vote with #AwesomeHandles.


Big up to the guys at Social Samosa for organizing these prizes! Top 10 handles that get the maximum number of votes will walk away with some pretty funky prizes.

  • 1st prize

    Rs. 2500 to spend on shoes at Salt ‘n Pepper
  • 2nd prize

    Rs. 2000 to spend on bags at Salt ‘n Pepper
  • 3rd prize

    Rs. 1500 to spend on accessories at Salt ‘n Pepper
  • 4th-8th prizes

    Funky Chumbak merchandize sponsored by our very own… *drumroll* …Pankaj aka @panku_!
  • 9th & 10th prizes

    Exclusive gifts from the lovely team of Social Samosa – you guys are fabulous!
A big thank you to our main sponsor Salt 'n Pepper. You can reach them on Facebook here and Twitter here.


  • Top 10 #AwesomeHandles 3.0 will be announced in a separate blog post – this might take a few days after all the votes are in.
  •  50 voters walking away with boxes of sweets will also be announced in a separate blog post – this might also take a few days to put together.
  • Update: Results announced here

Okie-dokie then – without further ado, I present to you 250 #AwesomeHandles that need your votes:

Meanwhile, the #AH saga continues. Which means: don’t forget to drop in your recommendations to me. If your handle hasn’t been blogged yet, or if you know of handles you think deserve to be on one of my #AH blog posts, then give me a shout and I’ll those handles in. =)

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