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Featuring a Social Media Agency - ODigMa

Who are we?

ODigMa is a leading online marketing firm which offers innovative solutions for companies to connect with their consumers on the web. It helps brands listen to consumers online and engage in meaningful conversations with them. It combines an understanding of online marketing with creative and technology skills and builds digital brands. It is one of the strongest companies when it comes to analytics and focus on consumer centric marketing.

Advit Sahdev founded ODigMa in 2010 and headquartered it in Bangalore. Today the company has taken leadership positions in areas like – social applications, conversation platforms, influencer engagement programs, Facebook fans management & engagement, goal conversions amongst others.

Comprising a team of highly dedicated professionals who have a keen focus on Data & Creativity – Odigma provides "Performance based Online marketing" - If we cannot measure, then it is not a deliverable.


With an understanding of the Indian consumer mindset coupled with insights on global trends, Odigma is well equipped to make use of the social media capabilities available today and build credible & effective social media campaigns.

About the Founder – Advit Sahdev

Advit Sahdev is the CEO & Founder for ODigMa. He has over 10 years of IT & global marketing experience with companies and teams of Intel, Infosys, P&G & Unilever. At ODigMa, Advit is spearheading strategic direction for the firm and looks after the company’s’ expansion efforts. Under his tutelage ODigMa is heading to be India’s most trusted performance based social media firm.

Setting new standards of excellence, he has launched some of the best cutting edge practices in the digital marketing space and is a staunch believer that “If we cannot measure, then it is not a deliverable.” Passionate about sharing his experiences, he often dons a writer’s hat and has authored 4 books on social media marketing with several more in the pipeline.

An engineer by training, it was Advit’s passion for marketing and business analytics that changed the course of his career and turned him into an entrepreneur. He is an alumnus of the prestigious National Institution of Technology, Surathkal and holds a B.E. in Electrical & Electronics engineering.

What's in the name?

Online Digital Marketing = ODigMa

What we do?

• Facebook End to End Management

• Google Adwords

• Search Engine Optimization

• Video Production and promotion

• Social CRM

• End to End Social Media management and consultancy

Why we do it?

The recent surge in social media usage has opened up huge marketing opportunities for brands which were not available earlier. Real time marketing, demographics and location based targeting, un-paralleled reach and cost effectiveness are some of the benefits of social media marketing. We have a very strong background in analytics and marketing, and thus we entered the market to add value to a brand’s marketing initiatives.

How we evolve?

Evolution is handled by intense R&D and being ahead of the curve. Each and every member of ODigMa loves research and explores new and innovative ways to add value to the brands we work with. We have been part of a lot of innovative campaigns as R&D and risk taking lies at the core of our belief.

Social responsibility in social media

The day you decide to venture into the social forum, responsibility begins. The responsibility is to be true to your audiences, creating quality conversations, keeping away from lies and false promises and keeping trolls at bay.

Need of the hour

Privacy of information and rules to manage this is the need of the hour. There are immense occasions when user privacy has been compromised and information has been misused. And therefore we need technology and platforms to provide a secure social media environment.

We learned the hard way

• On an average, every client retained is worth at least 5 new clients.

• Always stay ahead of the curve and innovate to provide new offerings before anyone else

• With respect to team, respect talent and commitment more than anything else, when it comes to providing higher responsibilities.

Did we just share that?

• We play music in the office all the time and one client thought that our account manager was bluffing, so he called 3 team members in an interval of 10 minutes just to listen to the background music and be sure that we really play music all the time in office. We are sure he is presently convincing his management to have a similar office environment 

They work with us

ODigMa has serviced over 100 clients including brands like MTS, Marks & Spencer, MakeMyTrip, HiDesign, DoCoMo,,, United Spirits, Toyota.

Industry as we foresee

The social media industry this year has seen exponential growth and is moving at an unprecedented speed. This is causing disruptions across the industry as social media becomes a part of everything that we do.

The biggest change that we see happening this year is the usage of Data. The internet is overflowing with data and everything that we do and use on the net is being logged into databases. Organizations that use this data effectively to study their consumers, gauge feedbacks on products and services, track conversations will emerge as winners in the social scene.

Most successful social media platforms are data based and hence are leading the market (take for example facebook or twitter). This growth in data usage is a result of individuals sharing data.

The next important industry development will be B2B companies using social media. They would eventually realize that social media is here to stay. Enterprises will be forced to use social media for their business for everything from customer service to HR.

A day without Internet

In the social media world, a day without internet is like a day without oxygen. The entire social media platform is based on internet. Real time feedbacks, queries, thoughts, updates etc is what makes social media. So a day without internet in this world is quite unimaginable.

Lastly, are you hiring?

Yes, since the industry constantly evolving and demands increasing, we are hiring.

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