7 Nightmares Social Media Executives are Most Likely to Have

Mubashir Usmani
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Social Media executive nightmare in an a social media agency

Being a social media executive might be at the bottom of the food chain, but with the immense amount of workload they may go through handling multiple accounts day in day out, you are most likely to come across social media executives who have nightmares about their “real-time” jobs. So here’s presenting 7 possible nightmares a social media executive is most likely to have…

1. “I put up an update, but it didn’t go”

So you think you have an update bank ready after going through a series of client approvals much more agonizing than a sarkari office? Well, since the client wants an exact 3 and half update to go on the page daily, it is humanly possible to miss one. Do that and BANG! A nightmare about you trapped in an update follows.

2. “My Page got deleted by mistake”

Though a lot of annoyed social media executives go through the strong urge of deleting a client's page, this nightmare still gives me the creeps preceding an aftermath where you witness the client taking you to the court of law and a hammer down voice of “To be hanged till death” echoes through the night as you wake with a start. *gulp*

3. “I Spelt the Brand name wrong”

Galti se mistake ho gaya? This nightmare consists of you being buried alive by the operations head and the client together reciting the correct spelling of the brand name over and over again at your funeral. They also spell your name wrong on the tombstone just to get back at you.

4. “I log onto Facebook for official purpose only”

This may not only be a nightmare, but the hard hitting truth of many such social media executives who have forgotten when was the last time they poked their friends online so hard they puked on the profile.

5. “People are clicking my ads just to increase my CPC”

No more did your first ad campaign not perform at the optimum level, a terrible nightmare of people clicking your ads just to increase the CPC follows. You also manage to catch a glimpse of a call centre like place where people are hired just for this specific purpose.

6. “Page/Tweets swapped”

So you are handling multiple accounts and unintentionally put up an update/tweet of a brand on another brand’s page? This nightmare consists of a horrible scenario where you are forced to swap jobs with the office peon. Unfortunately for you, he gets it right.

7. “All my conversations are ending with a call-to-action”

This nightmare consists of the social media executive having daily conversation with his/her friends in a tonality such as that of an update/tweet. You are often caught asking people “I am going for a movie tonight, are YOU excited?” OR “Stay tuned” to a friend who asks you “Where have you been?”

Note: This article is purely coincidental and bears no resemblance to any social media executive alive or dead.

Have you had terrible nightmares about your job? Do share with me below.

PS: I will only laugh at it.

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