Facebook and Twitter Introduce Advanced Targeting Options

Rakesh Kumar
Aug 30, 2012 17:50 IST
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New Page Post Targeting Options to Pages over 5,000 Likes

Does your Facebook Page have more than 5000 'likes'? If yes, they you are in for a great news. Facebook is rolling out advanced post targeting which will enable page admins to target their updates to users based on their location.

Previously, the only targeting options were location and languages. While the present targeting options are:

  • Age
  • Gender
  • Relationship status
  • Educational status
  • Interested in
  • Location
  • Language

So, if you have an update meant only for a certain demographic, say a contest update for young moms, you can use these options to target them and avoid targeting all those who are not relevant.

Twitter Promoted Tweets - Advanced Targeting Based on User Interests

Twitter now allows advertisers to target their Promoted Tweets and Promoted Accounts to users based on their interests. This move is aimed to make the advertising more relevant to the users which in turn will benefit the advertisers.

You can either target broad interest categories, or you can choose specific interests from within the broad ones.

Twitter Ad Targeting

To add to it, you can also target a particular handle and the ad will be shown to all those with similar interests to the followers of that user.

It can clearly be seen that both the social networks are trying very hard to improve the targeting options for their users. Will it boost their ad revenue? Only time will tell.

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