Become a Facebook India Ambassador

In an attempt to boost the mobile user-base in India, Facebook has announced a Facebook Ambassador program on its Facebook Page.

While the campaign talks about making India more ‘Open and Connected’, we all know that it wants its users to help increase the use of Facebook on mobile. To become a Facebook Ambassador, you need to:

  • Find people who aren’t on Facebook or don’t use it on their mobiles and  help them download Facebook’s mobile app  from this link.
  • Once they have registered on Facebook and added their phone number in their profile, you need to submit their numbers using the FB Ambassador app.
  • Facebook will verify the existence of these numbers and credit them to you.

The most ‘enthusiastic nominees’ will be announced as Facebook Ambassadors.

FB Ambassador Nominees


A lot have people have started ‘helping’ others already. How excited are you about becoming a Facebook Ambassador?

But hey! Before you hit the ‘Apply Now’ button, make sure you read the Terms of Service. Facebook requires you to engage in promotional activities when instructed by Facebook. You will also be required to help your school get on Facebook, upload pictures of classes and tag students in them.

But what Facebook has failed to gauge is that educational institutions are not open to social networks. Unlike west, India educational system is averse to websites that are known for ‘killing time’.