[Updated] List of Twitter Accounts Blocked by Indian Government

Rakesh Kumar
Aug 23, 2012 05:17 IST
[Updated] List of Twitter Accounts Blocked by Indian Government

The Indian government has started clamping down several web pages and caught in the midst are several Twitter users who now find their accounts blocked by various ISPs.

No, these handles are neither parody accounts nor are they inciting violence and hatred. Some are journalists, while some simple folks with an opinion.

Following is a list of handles that government has blocked. according to various tweets. We will keep it updated as and when we come across more such handles.

Amit Paranjape - @aparanjape (Reported to be unblocked since 10 A.M)


Kanchan Gupta - @kanchangupta (Reported to be unblocked since 10 A.M)

Shiv Aroor - @ShivAroor (Blocked as of 12:14 P.M.)


Dosabandit - @Dosabandit (Blocked as of 11.18 A.M.) (Now unblocked : 11.30 A.M.)


Barbarindian - @barbarindian (Blocked as of 11.18 A.M)


PM Manmohan Singh: @PM0India

Eagle Eye: @eagleeye47

Twitanci (Anil Kohli) - @anilkohli54 @sanghpariwar

Sumeet: @sumeetcj

Dr Pravin Togadia: @DrPravinTogadia

Panchajanya: @i_panchajan

Scamsutra: @Scamsutra

Ekakizunj: @ekakizunj

redditindia: @redditindia

A bunch of other Facebook accounts, Youtube links and websites were also blocked.

"Through four (1, 2, 3, 4) directives to Internet Service Providers between 18 August and 21 August, the department of telecom has blocked numerous web pages on concerns that communal tensions were being fanned in the wake of the unrest following violence in the border districts of Assam" - Economic Times