Premium Brand Audit Report for the Automobile Industry

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Premium Brand Audit Report for the Automobile Industry

This brand audit report talks about the relationship between a brand and its consumers from a social perspective. It tells you about the perception and penetration of a brand in the consumer's life.

The key section of the report includes

  • Buzz Trend
  • Share of Voice
  • Brand Affinity
  • Brand Attributes
  • Channel and Audience Analytics


  • General buzz trend of automobile industry with respect to individual brand revolve around product launches, advertisement campaigns, videos and reviews
  • People talking about automobile sectors don't have much social presence except for twitter; an opportunity to engage with customers in other channels
  • Maruti Suzuki has commanded over Indian market segment in social space and has very high consumer mindshare
  • Most of the conversations take place on twitter, other channels have relatively very low share

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