Social Media Jobs in India

Last week I had this wonderful opportunity to visit Mumbai. My itinerary included covering TiE Mumbai’s workshop and an interactive session with the students of SK Somaiya about social media jobs in India.

Now I come from a tier-II city, Vadodara, where the opportunities are limited and social media is yet to take off. During my entire duration of stay in Mumbai I saw world of difference. The social media scenario is not only growing here, it’s blossoming here by leaps and bounds. And with this rate of growth, Mumbai is undoubtedly the hub for anyone in India who wants a job in social media.

While I was covering the TiE Mumbai’s workshop, Pratik Gupta of Foxymoron shared an interesting piece of data: from 4-5 agencies in 2008, there are now more than 450 agencies all over India.

Just imagine the career opportunities! And with brands increasingly adopting social media into their marketing mix, this number is only bound to increase.

While on one hand the opportunities are endless, on the other hand talents are emerging from everywhere. During my interactive session at SK Somaiya, I came across a lot of talented students who were keen on taking up social media as a career. If you are interested to get a job in the social media industry, you need to be sure about your field of expertise.

Be it copywriting, graphics, audio-visual or management, people from a wide range of educational background can build a career in social media. If you’re highly talented, then there’s no stopping you at all.

With startups waking up to the power of social media as a great platform to launch, other Indian cities such as Bangalore, Delhi, Pune and Hyderabad are also seeing many opportunities in social media.

While social media is still not a part of our present education system, I am sure that with its rapid growth, it will soon become a part of our education system.

Image source – Rich LoPresti