YouTube Background Template PSD [Free Download]

Manveer Singh Malhi
Sep 20, 2012 04:45 IST
YouTube Background Template PSD [Free Download]

Have a YouTube user/brand channel? Want to customize it with your own background design? Like Twitter, YouTube also allows users/brands to customize your personal profile/brand page by uploading a background image and modifying the color scheme pattern.

To make sure your design fits well with the YouTube channel and its various palettes you need to base it on a template.

Here’s a YouTube design template I made earlier using this PSD for one of my client. Download it and feel free to use it in all of your future projects. The PSD highlights where each palette is set and shows how much of the page is seen by common screen resolutions.



Regular & Partner Youtube Channel Download Link – Here

P.S -  Youtube Partner channel gives an option to add a customised header.

Image source: webtreats

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