Social Media Campaign Review: Blenders Pride’s Be Red Carpet Ready

Be carpet ready


The Blenders Pride Fashion Tours are an annual affair conducted from 15th September to 3rd November where top designers and models from across the country converge upon India’s six top tier cities for unforgettable fashion extravaganzas.

This year, the fashion tour recently concluded at Kolkata. Apart from aggressively promoting the events on their Facebook page, Blenders Pride has also launched an app – Be Red Carpet Ready.


The ‘Be Red Carpet Ready’ app aims to associate Blenders Pride with glamour and high fashion and also make the best use of Priyanka Chopra as the brand ambassador.


Be carpet ready

You watch a video of a Blenders Pride commercial where Priyanka Chopra wows all with her four killer fashion accessories – a pair of earrings, a metallic bracelet, a fringed black dress and black stilettos.

Every week, starting from this one, one of these accessories will be up for grabs. The user with maximum votes becomes the proud owners of the accessory.

All you have to do is select the accessory of the week, confirm that you want to own it and then share it on your wall so your friends can vote for you. May be you could bribe them with promises to share it once you win it!


Blenders Pride Be carpet ready app

The interface is glamorous and creates just the right effect for the brand with a mix of hot pink and black hues. The accessories that are up for grabs are absolutely worth owning and the video successfully sparks interest in Blenders Pride and their Fashion Tours.

Scope for Improvement

Blenders Pride

This app could be combined with a contest to win passes for the Fashion Tours, or any other element that connects it to the Fashion Tours because that’s what the Facebook page is all about.

Perhaps they could experiment with putting up a video of a fashion show of one of the tours and allow users to bid for their favourite dress or accessory. Also, the contest could be conducted on Youtube as well with a more interactive virtual interface on the lines of Sunsilk’s Virtual Hair Studio.