Social Media Campaign Review: Intel’s ‘Me The Musical’

Courtesy: Intel on Facebook


‘Me  the Musical’ appears to be an attempt to engage users and encourage them to experience their world in the context of technology and computing, while positioning Intel as a brand with as much significance as some of the biggest milestones in their lives.


‘Me the Musical’ is the latest interactive campaign from the Intel stable wherein fans get to see themselves featured on a personalised animated music video, which the app does by sourcing data from your Facebook timeline. Intel describes ‘Me the Musical’ as “a novel on-line experience from Intel Corporation that celebrates our recent past through a musical movie.” The brand also believes that the app helps showcase our lives in the broader context of the world.

Connect to Facebook to see a personalised music video of your entire life starting from your birthday. Adorable little creatures represent you and your friends and scrapbooks of different milestones in your life such as school and college come to life, accompanied by a peppy soundtrack.

The video can be shared on your timeline and snapshots from it converted into a photo album. In fact, each scene can be posted as a separate item, hence the tagline ‘Bring your timeline to life’.

The musical begins with a stork heralding the news of the birth of a new baby – you.

You can see your own name on this baby that vaguely resembles Vodafone’s zoozoo!

While  your life’s milestones are of course unique, all users will see technological milestones like spaceships.


  • 22,800 likes, 833 tweets
  • 8 comments on Facebook page

The idea of an individual’s life as a unique musical is incredibly original and endearing. The musical connects excellently to the world of Internet and computing and ultimately brand Intel, with milestones such as the invention of the world wide web and the launch of Facebook and a tagline at the end ‘Experience life like never before – A new era in computing’ and the Intel brand logo.

A promotional video is not something users are likely to share but when you make that a miniscule part of something so personalised, we can’t help but share it and talk about it! This campaign makes each user feel special and unerringly puts a smile on their faces.

Scope for Improvement

A post about the app on Intel’s timeline received 857 likes, 24 shares and 11 comments. The response seems encouraging but there are merely eight comments on the app tab on Intel’s Facebook page. An app like this would appeal to many more users – Intel simply needs to make sure it reaches them. And that shouldn’t be a problem, given how social media savvy this brand is.

However, the video could be longer, with inclusion of more world-changing events such as birthdays of major personalities and first-time achievements in the history of the world though Intel probably had the right idea leaving out negative milestones like calamities and assassinations! Another drawback is that the video can only be viewed on personal computers and not on smartphones.


See your life in song and dance!

Intel has experimented with a similar concept in the past with its ‘Museum of Me’ app. The app also sourced data from your Facebook profile and created a scrolling animation of the content. While that doesn’t sound as engaging as ‘Me the Musical’, one fan commented that ‘Museum of Me’ was a lot more comprehensive than the current app.

But at the end of the day, both the apps work simply because they are so much fun to use! Apps like these work because they are less about the brand and more about enabling users to have an enjoyable experience and more often than not, it is such campaigns that grab attention and garner more users.

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